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Any questions you have regarding any of the following experiences: Astral Projections, Out of Body Experiences, Real Time Zone Projections, Phasing, Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis, etc... ask them here.

My First OBE experience (think so)

So guys, i had an experience similar to OBE. (i still dont know what to makeup with it.) its my first experience like this so not sure what is it, may be here i could get an explanation.

I was still at bed after 8 am trying a WILD, instead i end up OBE (whatever it was) after some moments i was trying on wild and accidentally fell in to sleep. after some times i ...
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Seeing Through Your Eyelids

I know that a lot of people here have experienced this before. You're trying to Project consciously or Meditating and all of a sudden, you know full well that your eyes are shut tight, yet you're able to see your surroundings just fine!

I've experienced this many times while meditating at home sitting in my living room and I'm able to see my surroundings looking exactly as they are. So what is this? Was I ...
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Dreaming about Projection

I’m a stickler for that statement “dreaming about projection”…

Now, unless what you mean is that the SUBJECT of the dream was projection, for example, you were talking to a friend about astral projection. That, to me, is dreaming of projection.

But what most people I’ve spoken to about this subject mean is that they were aware they were dreaming, yet the experience still felt “strange” and “dreamlike” to them. First, you can’t “dream about ...
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Stopped projecting

I stopped projecting ages ago, other stuff came to the forefront of my attention that didn't really require any projecting to look at, though that all seeped into my unintentional NP explorations in the end anyway, which is to my point - Since I stopped actively projecting, I have had experiences that just seem to have more meaningful content, I don't know if meaningful is the right word, perhaps eye opening is more accurate. I ...
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Your Beliefs Influence Your Dreams

Whether you believe in gods, or science,
whether you believe in higher powers that influence us, or our own minds' that influence us,
whether you believe in astral projection as another realm that exists, or just a realm in your mind....

It has a huge impact on how we approach whatever we consider 'projections' to be.

Has anyone else noticed this? That explains the vast differences in the interpretations of these experiences.

Which one's ...
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Conveniently Ignoring Beliefs? ... ciousness/

I was kind of hoping to get everyone's opinion on the subject of what I wrote?

I feel like people conveniently ignore certain aspects of what they believe in order to retain other aspects of their beliefs... the subject of the link is one such MAJOR observation I've made lately.
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Additions to my book?

Hi everyone!

For those who have read my book... I have a question.
What additions (or even subtractions) would improve it?
Any clarifications you feel would have been nice?
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Dream Journals

Just wondering, Is it better to actually write (longhand) your dream journal or is it ok to use a word processor and do it on the computer? Does it make a difference?
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Astral Projection and Quantum Physics

Do you figure there's a direct connection between things like Consciousness... Astral Projection... and Quantum Physics?

Where would the connection lie?
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Etheric Projection vs Astral Projection

From my own experiences and what I’ve researched there isn’t enough evidence that exists from either that dictates there there are these separate “planes” of existence.

From my own experiences, I’ve experienced realities that looked very similar to this physical reality, including areas which I mostly recognize… and I’ve had experiences in realities which are nothing like this physical reality nor are anywhere I recognize.

I surmise from this that what people label as an ...
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