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Any questions you have regarding any of the following experiences: Astral Projections, Out of Body Experiences, Real Time Zone Projections, Phasing, Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis, etc... ask them here.

More on Kepple and Focus 1

Kepple talks about the source for our physical existance coming from Focus 4, and says that in Focus 1 we can create our reality with our thoughts and imagination connected to Focus 2...Does this imply a form of 'magic' along the lines of affirmations and all this 'cosmic ordering' stuff?
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Kepple on aliens

I've been reading through Frank Kepple'a writings again and ver interested in what he has to say about aliens in Focus 1. He mentions about a planet in a Focus 1 of another universe, but does he ever imply we are the only species in Focus 1 of our universe?
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Related Degrees and Fields of Study?

Probably a dumb question, but I was wondering if there were any degree or higher education programs relating to studies of consciousness. I'm in a position to study pretty much anywhere I want to go, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions for related fields. I was thinking maybe neuroscience or hypnotherapy.

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Frank wanted the topic posted. I need to remain neutral for this part since Im channeling and working as hard asI can not to influence what comes through. so someone needs to get it started the topic is obstacles to progress and projection or phasing. I will do a session as soon as I see the responses Ill send the sound and transcript to Xanth. but also post here to keep the flow of discussion ...
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Messages from Frank Kepple June 23 and 26

I"m going to give a bit of a background here. I have been training the past year with spirits known in life as Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly .. mostly Edward. I was trained for and am still training for mediumship and went through initiation in May. One of the devices I use for communication is called a ghost box. It's been modified according to directions given to me and I used it until ...
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SEEING what you're visualizing ... lizations/

Visualization can be a pretty big part of learning to project. I wrote this little post about how one SEES their visualizations. :)

You won’t *see* it. You’ll… well, the best way to describe it is *perceive* it.

Try this…
Take a childhood memory you have. Now replay that memory in your head…
What’s going on right now? ...
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Remembering Dreams and Projections

It’s been proven scientifically that you dream every single night of your life, yet some people wake up each morning and simply can NEVER remember what they experienced while unconscious. Why is that?

Well, your memory works in the same way whether you’re experiencing this physical reality or a non-physical reality. You must have what I call a “base level awareness” in order for you to directly and consciously experience a dream, after you have ...
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Astral Police?

This will be a short and right to the point post about what a lot of people fear to be what is commonly referred to as the “Astral Police”.

In sort, there is no “law enforcement” in the non-physical. At least not as you would expect.
The only rules you break are the ones you place there for yourself.

With that said, if you’re breaking your own rules (whether they consciously or unconsciously set by ...
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First "Lucid-Like" experience

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The beginning of my interest in astral projection started with an interest in lucid dreaming. Days after doing a lot of reading, I had absolutely no interest in lucid dreaming what so ever and was much more interested in astral projection. Every night, I attempt deep meditation with the goal of reaching the vibration state and ultimately astral projection. As of yet I have not reached my ultimate goal but I don't ...
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Re: Show on LD/AP/OBE on TV (The People's Voice)

Just watched it and not sure what to think. Some interesting points but nothing new and seems to drag a little in places. I would like to see the debate they talked about and some of the research done on athletes, that would be interesting
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