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Posts pertaining to the health and well being of the Unlimited Boundaries Forum

The Astral Pulse

The Astral Pulse seems to be temporarily down as of (10/29/2018)... I've contacted Adrian (the site owner) about it, but he has yet to reply.
He'll stop by eventually to fix things. In the meantime, feel free to peruse here. :)
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Account Creation Issues

Hi everyone.

Apparently there were some issues while creating an account on the forum.. you might have been blocked by the anti-spam program or seen an error message upon creating your account.

All issues should now be fixed. Please accept my apologies!!

~Ryan (Xanth)
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Share Posts!

New feature!

I've added a mod called Share-On! This allows you to share threads on your favourite social network!

So please, share the threads you find fascinating or informative with your friends on any of the above platforms! :)
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Forum Registration - emails

It seems that Hotmail has an issue when it comes to activation emails from the forum. They seem to either get filtered into the junk folder, or deleted entirely. I can't be certain.
In either case, because I've got the ad spammers under control now thanks to some new security features, I've removed the need to activate via email. You no longer need to activate your account, you can just create one and begin posting ...
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Youtube Embedding!

I've added a really simply method for embedding youtube videos.

You simply go to the video you wish to share with us, click "share", then copy the link from the "share this video" box.
Copy that link into your post here... then highlight the entire link and click the "YouTube" button above.

This will encase the link in youtube tags... and will embed the video when you submit the post!
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Links - Open To New Window/Tab

As the subject says, I've changed the default settings of the forum when interacting with Links.

It's now set to open the link in a new window or tab when you click them. So please, look for the new window or tab when you've clicked on a link.

This way, you don't lose the page on the forum you were reading.
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Thank Posts System

The "Thank Posts" system was activated a week ago, and it's been going great so far!

The system is meant to give new people a sort of rough estimate on which topics and posts are the most helpful to them to read and contribute to first.

If you read something which you find very helpful, then click the "thumbs up" icon to the right of the "Quote" button for that particular post.
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Forum Rules

I really only have one rule right now... we'll see how it goes with that. Changes will be made as changes are required. :)

1. Please respect your fellow members, we're all here to learn... and we're all at the point in our journeys where we need to be in order to progress. There's no need to ever shove your beliefs upon others. It's okay to discuss ...
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Unlimited Boundaries

A big warm hello to everyone!

Welcome to the official forum for Unlimited Boundaries!

Hopefully, you'll find here what you're looking for. Everything pertaining to, but not limited to: Spirituality, Meditation, Projection, etc!

Please create an account and make yourself at home!

~Ryan (Xanth)
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