Lucid Dreaming?

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Lucid Dreaming?

Postby Desta-Zuberi » Fri May 03, 2013 4:12 pm

This happened on Saturday morning. I was awake, fully conscious, feeling vibration and thinking clearly but not able to move. This kind of experiences happens often to me in different ways. But i don’t usually go beyond.

April 20, 2013

It is Saturday morning. I woke up at around 7:00Am. I didn’t know what to do this early morning. so I didn’t go back to bed but went to living room and lay down on the sofa. My body was so relaxed and in no time I was in deep relaxation. I don’t know how long it passed, but all of sudden I was vibrating head to toe. Then I noticed that someone is pressing on my upper back (like two small soft hands pressing my back gently), then I recognized who that is without looking. It was Lucky, my beloved cat who died 5yrs ago. I could not move at this point, the only vision I have is front of me which is half of the living room. Then, Lucky started to move front of me and he was looking at me. I was so happy to see him, so was he, he was purring and wiggling his tail and moved close to my face and licked me couple of times, then he run behind one of those chairs beside the sofa and disappeared.

After Lucky disappeared I forced myself to move but this wonderful experience was over. All this time I was aware of everything but could not move.
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Lucid Dreaming?

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Re: Lucid Dreaming?

Postby astralzombie » Fri May 03, 2013 4:20 pm

Don't think that you ruined the experience by moving. Lucky gave you all the time he had and was off to do his thing. :)

Sometimes all we get is a a few seconds. But they can be great!
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