Lesson 3 - Learning to be Successful

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Lesson 3 - Learning to be Successful

Postby Szaxx » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:24 am

Lesson 3.
Learning how to be successful from the start.
The way you think is very important in this art, it needs to be set so your reactions are conditioned to accept new and unknown things with a simple curiosity, not jump into fight or flight mode, this usually ends up with you scareing yourself into waking up.
Your thoughts can manifest with great effect and most often this will have you flitting around. If as an example you're trying to fly upwards without much thought on a destination the result can put you somewhere in space.
As thoughts are your controls to what occurs, having doubts on your abilities can affect your experience too.
As Xanth has pointed out, not all your thoughts are concious ones. The subconcious has a say in what occurs too.
This is something where your mindset requires a little work.
To be afraid of anything or thinking it's hard WILL affect your progress.
A good starting point is for you to KNOW it's your personal self contained experience and you should develop the knowledge that it's safe and a perfectly natural process. You need to simply set it up so it can proceed smoothly.
The video will have given you the info on what to expect.
This means you can't force the issue hoping for a fast exit, this isn't going to get you anywhere but frustrated. There's many posts around where someone says they tried for months and gave up. This trying programmed their subconcious to expect results and just by trying too hard, they forced the issue and failed.
After giving up they did nothing at all to proceed. Then a few days later they post saying that they had an experience. This proves forcing the issue is a fail and that your subconcious thoughts will manifest once left to do their thing. These thoughts were not concious ones at all. The experience occured simply through a long term desire to be successful.
We all have said it's for the longer term and history proves this time and time again.
Fear, this is the largest obstacle to conquer.
I guess you all are unsure of how to do this.
As you are all learning like many others have done so, your minset is important.
Anything you encounter will be from yourselves. If you should feel that your with another entity or someone else is there, rest assured it's only the mindsplit. This is you or your concious self being away from the physical body and your new senses are simply picking up the other you, that being your sleeping body. You are tied to it and will sense its presence. Look out for this feeling. It's one of many new feelings you'll pick up along the way. Scarey, only if you don't know what it is. Now you do, the first time it's experienced will be pleasant knowing this.
We hear all sorts of things from shadow beings, never really seen, to someone was watching. All these are not knowing it's you. Fear taking over in this case and waking up the result of the experience.
The mindsplit can be distressing too, it's new to you and although it's perfectly normal and expected, you'll be in your physical body and out into the projected concious body at the same time. It's something to look out for so you can expect it.
The best thing to do is keep your thoughts away from the sleeping body and concentrate on the projected concious you. After all this is what the art is all about.
Some links for you to read.
Any questions will be welcome.

This one for anybody who's not read it. It gives you the knowledge so any fear that may develop is quoshed as you know what to expect.


This one is about fear itself.

http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/welco ... 266.0.html

Anything else that you may want to know can be asked on your individual threads.
Some of these may have been addressed already.
The idea is to get you all up todate with knowledge so some simple methods can be tried.
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Lesson 3 - Learning to be Successful

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