Invisible Helpers - edit

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Invisible Helpers - edit

Postby Jettins » Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:00 pm

Experience #1214 – Invisible Helpers – November 13, 2013 (shortened - edit)

After waking up from a dream it came to me that I could make the most of the moment if I attempted to re-enter using a lucid dream strategy. I then mentally and physically mimicked the sensation of entering the trance state that I'm familiar with. To do this, I simply relax and let go on every exhale in the same way it feels when the body has relaxed naturally for some time. But for it to work it has to be done at exactly the right time. I felt a slight deepening sensation that triggered the awareness of my non-physical state. I opened my eyes and noticed I was in an astral copy of my bedroom. Separating from the body felt easier at the time. It was as if I was being carried by my own thoughts towards the window, and maybe even influenced by something else to do this action. But I didn’t feel the presence of anyone there. It was only until I crossed the window that I turned to see behind me, and then I saw that a being had helped me all along. In retrospect it was funny how the woman startled upon realizing that I could see her when others could not.

Laine: Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

Me: Don’t worry that’s’ OK; I can see you because I’ve done this hundredths of times.

She acknowledged and then asked me to follow her to meet some of her fellow beings. (I will share many more details on the setting and what the beings where doing later)

Laine: What does it look like when you have cancer?

Man: Yeah, because he’s being doing the live operations.

It became clear that she wanted to learn to heal. I sensed that she wanted me to send a mental picture of the cancer, but it didn’t occur to me at the time to reply in such a way. I became aware of this because while she inquired about the cancer, she also sent a thought of her own, and it came in the form of intuition about white golf balls. However, the way she expected me to respond was different. She wanted the actual mental picture, an image in the form of a Polaroid picture or sorts that she could then analyze. There was also a slight visual shift before I was asked this question, I think it happened the moment someone picked up on experience #1017, which was the time that I visited my friend Jennifer to attempt to heal the lump in her breast.

Me: Maybe you can come with me sometime and I can show you.

I quick thought came into my awareness.

Me: You know what you can do, you see, it happens that after having left the body many times, that it becomes more difficult to become aware as it is happening. So if you can put your hands through them to create energy movements, and then just shake them up a bit, they would feel the energy surges as they separate from the body, and it’s going to help trigger the awareness of their state.

They all knotted their heads in acknowledgment.

Man1: There was one time this person thought I was a CIA agent. (a person he was helping)

We all laughed; somehow it was funny at the time.

Me: Yeah, those will be the paranoid types.

Me: I heard that people who do this kind of work are here because they have an inclination to do this kind of thing?

Everyone said yes, and knotted their heads.

Me: But are you actually here because this is what you want to do, or does it feel like a job too?

Three of the four beings did not think of it as a job, or as something they had to do as a job, except for a young man who was lying in a sofa that appeared to be going with the flow.

Me: What’s your name? Is that alright that you can go ahead and give me your names? Some astral beings do not like it. (Because they’re afraid to be called to do something, so they hide)

They all agreed that this was not a problem. Very cordially a young man in his twenties introduced someone.

Man: You can call for Laine.

Me: Oh it sounds like Lan, that’s easy to remember.

Laine: Yes, it is.

Before the end of the experience I was taken to see the very edge of the dimension.


Turns out that my friend Jennifer was going to have an unrelated surgery on November 18. Five days after what is written here. She is like a sister without benefits. While meditating it came to me that I was allowed to visit, but only if went there to observe and nothing else. I got a little lucky when I was able to become aware/induce an out-of-body experience without a gap in awareness the exact moment when she was physically unconscious and under general anesthesia. Experience #1218 @ approx 6:50pm US east, as intended. A force carried me to see Jennifer and I was intercepted by her on the way.

The rest of this story and related in-depth material will be shared in some book.

Info by C. W. Leadbeater on the invisible helpers:

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Invisible Helpers - edit

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