I Knew my Dad's Woodstock Moccasins Would Come in Handy

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I Knew my Dad's Woodstock Moccasins Would Come in Handy

Postby ChopstickFox » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:28 pm

The first point I remember clearly was when I was walking through the parking lot of my old work at a call center with a few people when a jet flew over our heads and landed. It then made a few attempts to take off again. We were pretty freaked, afraid we would get hit. It didn’t have much space for a run way, though. It would take off then pull off a transformer move, recoiling and flipping backwards kind of like a somersault. Or something glitching the freak out in a video game. It leveled itself and we thought it was about to leave, but it hit the electrical lines. Sparks flew everywhere and we ran inside for cover. For a brief moment I hoped that it meant we had no power and wouldn’t need to work, but then I remembered it has a generator. Bummer.

Same location, but it warped itself around. Now the call center was more like a lodge house and along the side were cabin like hotel things. I don’t remember much about this one anymore, but I was trying to find people who had disappeared. This led me to my next dream which took place in an airport. It took the air of kind of like being in a travel group. We all kind of took our own path and would eventually meet up. In this case, we were on our own in the airport but would all meet up at the plane. The airport was huge… I remember looking for a restaurant to use my vouchers at, but there were just so many choices. Eventually I made it to the airplane gate and sat n one of the chairs. I looked down at my shoes and noticed that I was wearing my dad’s hippie moccasins he wore at Woodstock, but they were now white. I heard my mom say that I should let Kim see them. Ok, whoever that was. I looked over and two chairs away was the North Korean guy. Oh, so THAT Kim. I took off a shoe and gave it to him. He looked kind of perpetually angry. I then told him some things along the lines of give peace a chance. I really didn’t connect it with anything until I woke up… Besides him eventually going over to the beverage cart and me noticing that our particular plane had a “humor” theme, nothing much more happened. I noticed that the plane had humor books available to read and we took off without incident.

I almost forgot this dream which came some time before the last one. I don’t remember exactly where, but it took place in the same town/area as the call center. Someone I knew was going to be an astronaut and be sent into space right there from the parking lot. There were just some preparations that needed to be made. I went to a kind of shady area in town and there was like a few inches of water covering the grass as if it had just rained. Going through the ally, there was like… gasoline or something I needed to pick up. Whatever it was, it was kind of strange and I needed to wash my feet off in the water before getting back into my car. Back at the launch pad, I somehow got pulled into the suit or something. I remember an interview… The real astronaut was speaking, but I was hidden in the suit too. I can’t remember if this was on purpose or not, but I ended up on the shuttle too. We launched and I remember commenting that I only had one pair of batteries for my DS. (I don’t actually have a DC, but I held a high tech gameboy thing I called a DS). Wow…

My next dream was kind of weird. It used a model of my childhood neighborhood as the location. I was in my own backyard, but it did not belong to my family or rather anyone I knew. I was a fox that made its home right behind the house by the deck. It was actually very nice… Well furnished and everything, which was pretty funny. Spacious, too. I would take water and electricity from the human house. It kind of had a “Fantastic Mr. Fox” kind of feel to it. The one bummer about this location was that the family had just gotten a cat. Ugh… I was outside and it attacked me. I grabbed it and looked it in the eye, telling it to leave me alone and I’d leave it alone. I then tossed it. It apparently wasn’t very intelligent and started scratching me up like crazy. I grabbed it and walked along the side of the house. I opened the side door and threw it in, shutting the door behind it. I heard a woman inside commenting on how the cat was there and going crazy or something. Good riddance! I went back to my home and got on the phone. At this point I wasn’t sure if I was like… full fox or I also turned into a raven. Because I was definitely a raven while on the phone. Yeah, starting to get trippy. I was on the phone with my sister (not my real one). She had gotten herself involved with a guy I didn’t like and I had warned her about. I think she was supposed to come live with me, but she wanted to bring him to or something. It made me kind of mad, whatever it was. She called me Tesla Lucille or Lucille Tesla which I think is a play on Teslacille which I thought was a word, but apparently isn’t. It ended with me deciding that I no longer wanted to live there anyways. I left and flew across the neighborhood looking for a new home. I was thinking a nice big tree. There was so much you could do with a tree… I eyed a few as I flew through the neighborhood, but none of them really jumped at me. Then I noticed a fountain. I landed and changed back into a fox and went closer to take a closer look. It was one of those things with lots of rocks with a pond at the bottom. There was a statue of a fawn from greek mythology on it. I was looking making random comments such as because it was a fountain I’d have access to electricity and water. That’s when I noticed I had walked right by a human girl who had been sitting next to the fountain. I don’t know if she understood me talking, but she freaked out and I started freaking out too. Then I woke up. Haha!
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I Knew my Dad's Woodstock Moccasins Would Come in Handy

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