How To Stabilize and Strengthen Your Experiences

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How To Stabilize and Strengthen Your Experiences

Postby Xanth » Sun Apr 07, 2013 12:42 pm

This is one of many techniques which I’m aware of, and actually use, in order to stabilize my projections and strengthen my awareness to keep it within the reality frame I’m experiencing.

First, think about what we do to “help” others stay awake in this reality. We shake them… we yell at them to stay awake… we use chemicals like smelling salts in order to bring their awareness “HERE”. What is this doing? It’s our attempt at focusing their attention within this physical reality. Now think about how YOU keep yourself physically awake! We listen to loud music… we drink a stimulant (coffee)… we even slap ourselves… all of which brings our attention more towards this physical reality and more away from the non-physical reality.

How we do certain things in this physical reality can provide to us hints as to how to stabilize and strengthen our connection to the non-physical.

To stabilize and strengthen your non-physical experience you have to attempt to bring as much of your awareness into the environment as you can. Just as the person shaking you and yelling at you (sense of touch and hearing) in order to bring your awareness into this physical reality, we can use the same “technique” to keep our awareness within the non-physical.

What I mean by this is use your 5 senses to REALLY explore your environment. Look at things in minute detail… touch things…. hear the sounds… smell the smells… even taste things! Do this as intensely and with as much focus as you can. This will bring your awareness into the reality you’re experiencing and will LOCK it there. This has become my main method as of late and I’ve been experimenting with it over the last few non-physical experiences I’ve had. You can read them by clicking on my experiences at the top (or right side) of my website. I’ve had lucid/astral experiences which have gone on for 30 – 60 minutes doing this.

This is my explanation for it…
What generally happens when we begin to wake up from an experience like this is that the projector will begin to feel their physical body and they’ll start to pickup on the sensory input from that physical body. What I explain above causes you to ignore those physical senses and further heightens your non-physical senses which are already active in that reality. Eventually, and if you do it intensely with enough focus, this begins cutting off the physical senses altogether and leaves you experiencing just your non-physical senses and keeps you nice and stable in the non-physical reality. ... periences/
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How To Stabilize and Strengthen Your Experiences

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Re: How To Stabilize and Strengthen Your Experiences

Postby Majic » Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:41 am

I tend to agree with this and feel the common outcome of all techniques to get away from waking reality are all about looking in or the 180% turn around and using internal imput to create a world by disconecting from the outside.
In do a lot of what you do but shapen my mind and focus in the first few moments by recalling facts from the day, name, work, what I had for meals and I find this can be done before senses come online. at times if I try to look, touch to soon I get a disconnect and so leave this till after I have got my mind on the job.

My favourite sensory check is not to use senses in the normal way but to put my hands through each other and feel the tingling that comes with this, it is sharp and energises me and I can do this anytime from within the dreamspace to stablize if I choose.
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