How to Phase Lesson.

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How to Phase Lesson.

Postby Szaxx » Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:36 am

How to do phasing is explained below.
Once you've had a few good experiences with what to expect and how it presents itself. Most if not all of the lesson will be understandable.

A lesson in phasing that has been put together over years of studying the most effective way of achieving success. There's a few things that anyone experienced can do almost anytime and these will be explained in more detail to advance those who recognise some of the perceptions as repeatable. Others can practice these until some recognition is made. There's no claim they'll work for everybody, however, reading many posts, this compilation of steps seems the most proficient for all (without any applicable medical conditions) to engage in.

Setting yourself up.

It helps if you're a little tired as the body wants some rest to heal etc. If you're wide awake and buzzing you need to try later unless your focus and intent is under your control. If so use it to go to sleep as if you'll not get any sleep for another 30+ hours.

What to do.

Sit in a position that's comfy and where you cannot fall. A bucket seat in a car is perfect as well as a recliner with high sides. A corner couch is useful if comfy. The bed is good if you've no other choice. If you're new to the art, a bed is already programmed into your subconscious as a place where you fall asleep. This can affect the results. Find a position you don't sleep in. (This can be used for making your attempts and may help switch off the automatic sleep mode activation).
Clench all your body up for a few seconds and totally relax. This is the first step done.

Close your eyes and deliberately slow your breathing. After another few moments, breathe from your diaphragm ( its the same as when you're asleep) and let go of the breathing. It will automatically function without you using any thoughts to do it. Soft slow shallow breaths will ensue. This can be tricky as fear of suffocating tries to catch you out. Remove that thought, it'll stop the procedure. You won't suffocate, you can't or you'd never wake up every time you normally sleep. Don't try to control your breathing, that's counterproductive. Let the body do it for itself. (If you've been on the wrong side of sleep paralysis you'll know the fear. It doesn't apply here, this method is too fast for SP to show itself). Make some finer comfort adjustments if necessary, scratch itches and tug any clothes that are uncomfortable. Once done, you now want to stay perfectly still, this includes not even moving your eyes, that is very difficult. It helps you disconnect from the physical and that is the whole game plan.

Now you're relaxed, the next stage can be started.
Look behind closed eyes into the distance paying no attention to anything that appears before you. If you can switch off all your physical world senses, now's the time to do it.
If unsure on how to do this, ignore anything you see flashing or hear from the physical world. It's not that hard as you may still notice it but ignore it as if it doesn't matter to you anymore. Keep the intent that nothing in the physical is important anymore, be convinced you're going far away from this insignificant place. You are far more than a meatsack and will become aware as a point of consciousness in a myriad of very familiar or extremely unfamiliar, unimaginable environments. These exist and nothing in the physical can prepare you for most of them.
Imagine your skin is no longer sensitive to touch, heat and any other senses you'd normally have. Anything that appears, has to be ignored totally. You're looking into a blankness filled with whatever is trying to grab your attention. Keep ignoring it all. You should feel as a point of thought soon as you are only aware of being in your head thinking about the other side of the veil. This can take seconds or a few mins. You want an experience from this, the desire is what you keep on your mind. Don't try to force it in any way, this is destructive to the natural process. Just be you within the blankness you've mentally created. Know your existence as a single point of being, free from everything, your pains have gone, the stress of living has gone. You are all alone in a mush of grainy nothingness. (The peace of deep meditation is here so you may have already reached this state of mind previously). It's that 'place' you find yourself in before a dream. With phasing there normally is lots of noise and imagery, none of it staying around long.
This is around the one min point on a good day if experienced with this. Stay with it until you feel you are on your own with no physical world senses being noticed.

Now, as a point of conscious existence, you are listening for a wind or similar constant background noise. It may have a distinct type of crackle to it similar to frying potato chips. It can be the sounds made from many musical instruments where the strings are being slid along with a blade. You may hear indistinguishable talking, perhaps making out the odd word or two. Anything persistent that can be interpreted as the above is a very strong signpost of success.
Once you notice this the imagery can now be observed. If you think of a familiar item you have and desire to see it appear in front of you it should start to take form. The difficulty here is not to react to it in any way. This reaction is emotional and will slow or reverse the process. Just observe what you've created. Wherever you are, create something that's not physically near you. (It helps if over 40 feet or so, if only a few feet from the body you can experience 'interference').
If you find this easy, create a scene, a car park, a hotel room, something different from your physical location.
If this is difficult you can use Lumazas' doorway here, ... 013.0.html

it works well with this process. Normally the finished scene looks as real as being in the physical if a related environment has been created. Remember you have to create it from the blackness so start off with a large picture frame size space in front of you. When successfully done, enlarge it to fill your vision and then bring it to life. This is easy and you'll know how to do this by letting it happen automatically. You interact with the environment by using intent on a part of it moving, ideally in a natural way. The rest just flows from your focussed attention to the details you add. Then you are in the scene and the experience has now started.

As an alternative, you can use your imagination to create a swirling vortex of hazy colours in the blankness before you. It may appear too, this is a thought process so no worries if nothing is seen. Create a large enough blank space in the centre so you'll easily fit through and then spin it faster in slow steps. Imagine hearing a roaring wind as it picks up speed. This is something that you may hear clearly. If you do notice its creation, ignore anything that appears apart from what you are creating.
The vortex can look like a spiral galaxy or what we see in the movies when wormhole travelling is depicted. It doesn't matter what you imagine in form, it does matter that you are creating a hole in the barrier from the physical to the non physical worlds.

In all the above suggestions you are disconnecting from the body and opening a way through the veil to the NP.
The main issue with all of the above is that you are not thinking of the body at all and are focussed upon a NP goal.
Feel a pull inwards too, this is your suggestion to go forth into the unknown. Being pulled wherever you need to be to learn more should be on your mind.
You also are creating an intent in doing so and this itself, if repeated, will program your subconscious to react to your thoughts when you try. You then start the ball rolling and the subconscious keeps it on track. It's one of the reasons why you can't use mental force, intent however pushes the process.
Bedtime isn't the best time for success, it does work though but not the same as at random times during the afternoon. I'm unsure if this is a personal trait or generally so.
If you are successful, you could be anywhere from in an Earth like location to a floating existence in pure colour or even pure white light. The feel of your environment should also be very calm and pleasant too.
Typical perceptions are flying above ground in a green valley. This is common and unforgettable.
Floating in a grainy 3D blackness, this is the void of old school reading. It is very pleasant and here, any strong thoughts normally lead to an experience based on these. It's a good platform to experiment from too.
Have no doubts or fears whilst performing this. They will work in reverse and prevent success.

If all works well you'll be in an environment with full awareness.
With only a few or no previous experiences, you can be in a less perfect position. This requires you to manually finish off phasing into the scene. To do this you need to go crazy interacting with it. Drop to the floor and feel the ground, touch everything and if you can't see that well demand clarity. This has to be commanded with your desire to make things clear. It always works with enough conviction. This means you need to have no doubts of it not working. It will work if your thoughts promote the entrance in total clarity to join the scene.
As thoughts manifest, whatever you think is most likely what will occur. This can be something you immediately think of or something playing on your mind. If you think of your corner shop you may end up in one you saw while on holiday if you've been wanting to go on holiday for a while. This is your subconscious adding a holiday aspect to the experience. That's why it's always wise to be precise and think of exactly what you want. A safe place you know well as an initial location is a good choice.
You can go with the flow too. This has no interference and wherever you end up is a surprise at times.

The scene you created can simply dissapear as you enter it and without a clue you're in another totally unrelated one.
The physics works by thought so try to stay consistent with examining the environment you find yourself in. There may be something there you need to do to learn. This can be simply learning to move in a desired direction. For many this is their first hurdle. Once learned more tasks will present themselves. It's like riding a bicycle, tricky at first and eventually you can speed down a hillside with no fears of falling off.
Practice makes perfect applies.

If you have 360 degree vision, learn how to move. If you are focused on something to the side, you will move in the wrong direction. This is annoyingly amusing, take your time to understand your centre of direction isn't always where you are looking. You'll work it out.

The above is a little rushed and any refinements can be made if unclear.
It's subject to change (for the better) as a result.
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How to Phase Lesson.

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Re: How to Phase Lesson.

Postby Witcher » Tue Sep 15, 2015 3:44 am

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Re: How to Phase Lesson.

Postby Szaxx » Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:10 am

Edited a successful repair, thank you Witcher.
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Re: How to Phase Lesson.

Postby doughodge » Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:37 am

Exellent discription - I will give it a try today and let you know.

Thanks for the post.
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