Happy Birthday Zagadka!!

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Happy Birthday Zagadka!!

Postby Xanth » Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:49 am

Happy Birthday!!

Hopefully you have awesome day with friends and family! :)
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Happy Birthday Zagadka!!

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Re: Happy Birthday Zagadka!!

Postby Szaxx » Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:12 am

Happy Birthday Zadaka.
Hope the coming year is full of fond memories for you.
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Re: Happy Birthday Zagadka!!

Postby Jettins » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:19 am

I noticed, happy b-day!
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Re: Happy Birthday Zagadka!!

Postby ChopstickFox » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:56 am

sheng ri kuai le!

That's Happy Birthday! In Chinese! :D
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Re: Happy Birthday Zagadka!!

Postby Zagadka » Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:30 am

Lol wow didn't expect that! Thanks guys, I had an awesome birthday! The day was greatly filled, I received an ebook reader and a numeric hearing aid paid by the state. I was born mostly deaf from one ear... now the music is like an infinite LSD trip... :mrgreen:

Life is good :)
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