Followed my guide to find something interesting!

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Followed my guide to find something interesting!

Postby ChopstickFox » Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:04 am

It started with a dream where I eventually realized I was in the non physical. I won't bore you guys with it.
I walked outside and I saw a red tailed hawk. It’s a form my guide has taken and I usually associate it with him. All the while I’m realizing that I’m asleep and decide to follow the bird. It took off into the air and I followed, flying by flapping my arms, thinking about the forum post about different ways people fly in the non physical. I peeked over at my fingertips and giggled that I now had full awareness. I wondered where I would go.
I found myself in some sort of store. It had large windows lining the walls so I could see outside. It might have been a bit further north than Florida, but it was bright and sunny with tall trees. I can see them in my mind, but they weren’t native to Florida, I don’t think. There were wooden hut kind of things that looks a little like falconry mews or wooden cabins. Off in the distance I could see a white pinnacle. It wasn’t a sky scraper, but man was it tall.
The store was also wood and pretty spacey inside. The people were various in appearance, but all kind of looked more country. Not necessarily red neck country, but just like people who really enjoyed themselves out in nature. A few looks like they might have been motorcyclists.
Before I talked to anyone, I looked around to pick up as much detail as I could. Everything in the store was based off animals. I enjoyed looking through a particular section that had little witty sayings on the items. Kind of like reading a magnet rack. Of course I could read and retain at the time, but now I can’t recall them. I do know I hadn’t heard of the sayings before and they were really entertaining. I do remember there was a statue figure kind of thing I picked up and someone said it was kind of crappy and pointless. Water leaked out from a hole in the bottom and I quickly tried to place it back down.
I eventually walked to the front and started talking to the guy that owned the place. In the back of my mind I was thinking about the meeting other people thing and sharing experiences. I didn’t want to ask him directly though. He was at least six feet tall to my surprise, unless I was shorter for some reason. He wore a trucker hat and was rather thin for being so tall. He had some grizzle on his face and was tan/ had reddish skin. I never saw him before, but he looked so real. He was probably in his 40s. Plaid red and white shirt with a greenish vet like thing. Jeans and dirty boots.
I asked about the store and he said that there were a lot of people passionate about animals. I gathered that this was some sort of festival or gathering people traveled to from all over. I decided to go out on a limb and ask if there was any interest in people who could turn into animals. This kind of shocked him and he got evasive. I tried to reason that it was a completely legitimate question. Right about this point I felt my awareness returning to my body. It was kind of a oh crap moment. But rather than panicking, I relaxed. I felt myself leaving where I was and lowering onto my back back “towards" my body. I kept my awareness around me as I lowered through a fish tank and into the floor. As I relaxed it slowed down and eventually reversed! I raised right back where I was a moment before.
Of course, it freaked out the store owner. He was like “what the crap?!" I told him not to worry about it and redirected my question. He said it was impossible for a human to change its shape. I reasoned with that I didn’t mean physically. This changed his attitude a bit. Still suspicious, he lowered his voice, turning to the side. Then he said something strange. “We’ll, only once a year." Then I followed him over to the far wall where some laptops were. He was going to share something with me. I took the opportunity to try and see the date on the computers. One said July 12 2013. I looked at another and it said some date in September 2013. Ai, inconsistency, haha. I tried.
As he was about to show me I felt like I was getting pulled again. I heard my dog physically or something and ended up in my bed. I was able to return again, though outside. The last part was patchier. I remember seeing someone with black hair and a short beard that had been part of the train/ truck accident. And someone that I know in the physical. I bumped into him twice. I tried to tell him I knew him and he did a weird yell thing at me, flailing his arms. He did it again when I passed him. Weird.
Eventually I faded back out again.
Still darn interesting.
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Followed my guide to find something interesting!

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Re: Followed my guide to find something interesting!

Postby CFTraveler » Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:33 am

That's really detailed- and the first date is tomorrow. I wonder if it was Georgia or Virginia? The trees tell me Virginia.
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