Desta's Journals (2010-now)

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Desta's Journals (2010-now)

Postby Desta-Zuberi » Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:13 pm

This Dream was so vivid I felt the gentle breeze, the smell from the sand and the sea. When I woke up I went to my computer and wrote this journal.

June 30/2010

This morning I had a dream. It was strange dream actually. This is how it went.

In my dream I was in a room, and the room looked old, like those bamboo houses near the beaches. It was dark. I could barely see in the room and I knew there is someone in there. I noticed a door on my right and I opened without thinking twice. I stepped outside and the area seemed like a terrace with a fence around it. The fence seemed made out of bamboo or wood. Immediately the door behind me shut by itself or by unseen force, it was so forceful I felt the air rushing.

I walked straight to the fence, before I got to the fence I noticed someone on my left I looked and saw this creature and I was so horrified that I jumped so height. This being was what some people describe as alien. The big head, huge glossy eyes. The only difference was his (I said he because I felt it was a male) color which was purple. He immediately changed his appearance to human and all my fears were instant gone. He stood front of me and smiled. I was so amazed how he transformed himself from alien to human, not only that but how I (myself) went to terrifying state to calm or wonder state in a matter of second. He came close to me and looked in to my left eye and said, “You know, I created you and you are dong good”. I felt that He seemed very surprised that I’m progressing really well. I did not like when he said “I created you” and I knew he sensed that but he dismissed. I woke up after that.

July 12/2010

this is my off day and around 9:30 I woke up and I heard a whooshing sound and all of sudden my ears were picking up all the slightest noises in and around my apartment. I could hear the birds outside my bed room so clear. I could see the clock beside my bed (I was laying on my left side). I could see the hallway leading to my sitting room but I could not move a finger. I was totally paralyzed. The clock showed 9:32 .then I began to panic a little. I thought to myself if I start this unknown journey or experience something beyond this state I might not be the same. I don’t know why I was thinking that way,but I did and began to fight.I tried so hard to get up or to wake up in my normal state. I knew at that time if I use my mind, I could move myself up and separate from my body, but I couldn’t dare to do it. After a minute or two I finally woke up in my normal state.

My fear hold me back this time.
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Desta's Journals (2010-now)

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