Degrees of Separation: a cosmology

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Re: Degrees of Separation: a cosmology

Postby Szaxx » Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:38 am

The over-soul being the self, all existances of individuality, every form taken incarnate or discarnate is the label used for the 'all encompassing you'?
The purpose, other than a store of experiences, seems as a jug being filled. Once filled the jug has no purpose, it can't hold any more. The next step would be to use the mix of conciousnesses for some other purpose probably unknown to us.
A full jug is ready for pouring. It serves no purpose to exist in many incarnations filling your proverbial jug to leave it full and take no further action.

What happens next? A pouring of all jugs into a vat? The universal oneness comes to mind here.

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Re: Degrees of Separation: a cosmology

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