Coffee CBTB

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Coffee CBTB

Postby Majic » Thu Sep 05, 2013 4:02 am

I got some 100mg nodoze coffee tablets to try, an over counter pill that people use to stay awake when getting tired from driving long distance.

I took them after being up and online for a while at 2am, went back to bed and about 30 minutes later go lucid quite easily. I missed the WILD entry by a millisecond but no big deal as I worked out very quickly that I was dreaming.

What interests about this was that I was dreaming that I was in my car, an older Z-28 Camaro that I have had for a lot of years and pops into dreams quite a lot. I was driving this car and it was as real as daytime, I saw a lady out the window and though for no reason that I was dreaming. I did a reality check and yip- dreaming so away I went. Got a nice long set of dreams for my effort.

What stuck me was the thought of how many truck drivers might be using caffeine or similar products and with the drone of driving and in the early hours have gone body asleep and mind awake and dont know it and due to this simply driven off the road and killed themselves. A lucid truck driver is not a nice thought at all
Would love someone to point out something that I have missed but it nags at me for now. Not sure if there are any stats for early morning crashes, if so they might prove interesting.
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Coffee CBTB

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Re: Coffee CBTB

Postby astralzombie » Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:20 pm

Here in the States, there are some very tough laws that govern truckers. For instance they can't drive for more than ten hours without taking at least four hours off. There's no way to prove that they got any sleep during their time off but they do check to make sure that they weren't driving. Most of the systems are GPS now so it's hard to cheat. Not to mention all the weigh stations and random stops by the coppers.

A trucker can be stopped and forced to go pee-pee anytime a cop asks them to. It's a bit draconian but they have their reasons I suppose.

But back to your concerns, another thing to consider that long drives can put many people in a trance so that raises the danger level by itself.

There is a highway in Australia that holds the record for being the longest highway without any curves, hills, or etc. It has a reputation of putting drivers to sleep because there is nothing to stimulate their minds and they zone out. The highway is so straight and flat that they have an airplane that flies out doctors to crash sites since they can happen in remote areas. The highway makes a perfect runway.
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