Brave's Plan

Have you had a hard time trying to learn to Astrally Project? Have you ever wanted to learn how to do Astral Projection to experience the non-physical for yourself? Here at Unlimited Boundaries, we offer the Astral Academy. This is where we work with you on a one-on-one basis in order to help you learn to experience the non-physical for yourself! Make a post answering the questions in the stickie and we'll assist you every step of the way from physical to non-physical!
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There aren't really any rules here... just be sure to be as dedicated to this as we are to wanting to teach you! Be sure to go through the lessons as well, as they've been designed to provide you with the basic understandings you require in order to successfully gain access to and explore the non-physical.

Brave's Plan

Postby Brave » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:37 pm

Aaah, hopefully I'm posting in the right subforum~

1. Give us a general understanding of what kind of knowledge you have regarding astral projection.

I typically associate astral projection with OOBE. It is when your body is asleep and your mind is awake. When doing so, you "lift" our of your body and you appear in the astral plane.

2. What kind of expectations do you have towards projection... what do you think projection is?

I've "accidentally" projected out a few times before. By "accidentally" I mean having no control over how I exited or it occurring naturally. Everything was as real as this physical plane except I always levitate and I phase through things. So now whenever I attempt to AP, I recall those experiences and how real and how in control I was when I actually did it. So to me, in the simplest way possible, projection is to leave the body yet have all of the same senses there as I do here. With, of course, the supernatural aspect about it where I can phase through my wall and get my head stuck (it's happened every.single.time.) :lol:

3. What kind of methods/techniques have you tried?

I've tried many things...I'll list everything I know so far, including things that work, don't work, and what I'm currently doing:

1) Binaural beats has not worked for me. They tend to hurt me when I use them to meditate and AP. I have tried theta, alpha, and beta for all sorts of purposes; I typically get light headed and nauseous. Once I got physically sick, so I stopped ever since.
2) Guided meditation / instrumental music helps but only in adjusting emotions. I notice that any form of music or talking distracts me from having a full projection after awhile.
3) The common rope technique has not worked at all. Nor does rolling out of my body. I have had one successful attempt when falling backwards though, but did not log this so I don't remember what I did to get to that point.
4) Supplements do not help. I get sick when I take melatonin to include a deeper sleep. I rather avoid any drugs or supplements for this.

I have been using an calendar with the moon and planetary signs to mark when I have lucid dreams, no dreams, and successful astral projection. I've noticed a connection with the moon phases: a week before a full moon I will have more lucid dreams, near the new moon I tend to have no dreams at all. Then my lucid dreams cycle with my no dream cycle every two weeks. I have yet to find a connection with planetary alignment though.

I've also recently started a journal for meditation and astral projection but this method is too much for me. I only write down things I notice that help me when it comes to me, then re-read them later and try again.

On my own, I can lower my heart rate and enter the vibratory state within minutes. Controlled breathing has helps me's what after the vibratory state is what messes me up. I read that you must ignore the sensations so I do. When this happens, I'll either get: (1) increased heart rate and shortness of breath or (2) I remain in the vibratory state for over an hour. Sometimes my muscles will twitch on their own which breaks me out of the state but I can quickly return to it when that happens.

I have experienced full projection before but only on accident or when projecting out of lucid dreams (which is a once in a blue moon event for me). I have recently started to focus on the back of my eyes and watching shapes and light develop with great success (phasing I think it's called?). Either way, it's incredibly frustrating that I can't seem to master this consciously because I've done it before many times and I know exactly how it's like when I'm finally there.

4. How long have you been attempting them for?

On and off for four years. More recently within the last five months: I've been attempting projection every other day on work days and every day on weekends.

5. What kind of goals do you have for learning Projection? You can be general or specific.

Honestly? I want to use it for several things. For starters, I can use it to communicate with my guides (I am a spiritual person, you see). Second, I'd love to use it to help enhance my perspective of my surroundings and the people in it. To me, it's like a need and an obsession to want to know...a desire and's like a need that I must master this...I don't know how else to describe it other than it's something I must learn to do.


Should anyone have any questions, I'll gladly explain it in more detail and answer in the best way that I can! For now though, it's late so I'll leave it at this.
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Brave's Plan

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Re: Brave's Plan

Postby Szaxx » Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:37 pm

You seem to have everything in order. I don't get the vibrations and have induced them a handful of times. In 50+ years of projection they've appeared twice. I jokingly look at them as a ride in a car with no suspension on a dirt track. They slow the exit for me personally and eventually I'd guess the same for most everyone when proficient.
I have posted a how to phase somewhere on site. I've also posted 'the astral blueprint' on the Astral Pulse site.
They may give some insight on the basics.
As you're here, go through the lessons and see how things play out for you. Some will be easy as they resonate, others may require a few questions or aid in some way.
Concious projection takes a couple of mins when relaxed. Getting there can take a while longer lol.
Dedicated practitioners are like athletes, they are on the go and are putting everything they can into it. You seem to fit into this category so you will succeed eventually.
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