Border control WW2

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Border control WW2

Postby Szaxx » Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:07 am

I became fully aware walking along the left hand side of a road which was made of limestone chippings, it was a wide single track road. On my left a high wall, a main road on the other side of it by the noise of the traffic I could hear. Across the dirt track road was a field of rough ground and grass, this was visible between the large bushes that were growing along the other side of the road. It was winter as patches of snow lay around in frosty clumps on the field and dirty blotches along the roadside. It crunched beneath my feet as I walked towards a darker forested area in front of me a hundred meters or so. I heard the sound of a heavy truck behind me. I turned and saw an old design from way back and turned forwards again. Looking into the distance I saw a small barrier and a couple of armed guards waiting. The truck stopped a
In front of me around 30 feet or so. The container on the back moved and sniffles were heard from within. I decided to look inside. Climbing up the side of this solid machine I lifted the tarpaurlin cover to see a small group of sorry looking people. They looked battered and were very cold, I asked them ,,"You OK?"
They replied in a language I don't know so I used telepathy discreetly. One of the group lay on the floor and wasn't moving. I knew this one was dead, I checked anyway to find a barely warm neck with no pulse. I was then stared at by the group, one gripping her mouth as tears filled her eyes. I couldn't stand the pain I was feeling so decided to push the boat out on this one and take whatever consequences came my way. (I absolutely hate that feeling of loss, it drives a cold blade through me from times gone by and there's none of it going to happen here).
Something clicked inside me and I tried the other side of the dead ones neck. Instantly delivering heat, I brought life back into this one. His dreams were of the tunnel and seeing someone in white meeting him was where I intervened. I left the tearful girl with him in her arms and disconnected from him and opened up to the group as a whole. They had escaped some 'government action' that would have had them sent to some workhouse or camp somewhere where they wouldn't be seen again. They left quickly taking only themselves. They were cold and hungry. I entered the drivers mind and found he had a good amount of food for his long journey. I choose take his food making him believe he had left it behind. I opened the door slightly so the guards didn't see me and he gave me the food bag he brought, a vacant look on his face.
He then searched for some paperwork, I slipped the food into the back of the truck after finding a small notebook and removing it. The food was soon devoured. I left the stowaways where they were and hitched a ride on a large footplate that was conveniently there.
The driver set off for the barrier and the armed guards came out walking the few feet to the driver once he stopped. They spoke German and the driver pushed papers at them saying nothing. One of the guards walked around the truck bashing the rear container asking what's inside. The driver shouted something neither of us understood. The guard then jumped when he saw me standing on the footplate. Gun in my face, he called his oppo who came around from the front of the truck. They asked me what's in the back, I told them its full of workers going to hell, in broken German. I entered their minds now and convinced them to lower the guns as I was going to pay them lots of money as a bribe. They conformed to my wishes and I supplied them with lots of notes they saw as cash. I previously tore up the notebook. They lifted the barrier and we all set off. Once clear from the guards, I jumped off and woke up.

Another success, I originally wanted to visit Europa. Not WW2 Europe. There's a few million miles out of sync here...
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Border control WW2

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