Awakening the Third Eye (Meditation)

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Awakening the Third Eye (Meditation)

Postby Samwise » Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:03 pm

Wondering if anyone here is familiar with the meditation techniques of the Clairvision school? This has recently come to my attention...the founder, Samuel Sagan seems like an interesting guy, a medical doctor, but someone who grew a bit disillusioned with western conventional medicine and wanted to explore consciousness deeper. He has studied with Taoists and practitioners of Kriya and Kundalini yoga, and also had a five year stint of full time meditation to see how far that rabbit hole goes.

I only ask as some people who have experienced this form of meditation claim it allows one to perceive things in a way that sounds very reminiscent of the OBE state.

This is kind of the mission statement of the Clairvision school:

"The approach of the school is resolutely experiential. It is designed for people who cannot be satisfied only with other people's opinions and beliefs, but wish to gain first-hand experience of levels of consciousness. In short, it is not what you presume or accept as true that will bring about transformation, but what you experience directly. Clairvision therefore always emphasizes the superiority of experiential knowledge over belief and dogma."

Clairvision's core practice is a form of third eye meditation using a form of yogic ujjayi (restricted) breathing while placing awareness between the eyebrows. Even if one has no belief in a third eye, this form of meditation seems to work well for a number of people, with some switching to it permanently after trying different forms of seems to provide some with the deep sense of stillness, peace and expanded consciousness they were seeking but not getting from other forms. So for anybody interested, I would encourage you to experiment. Below is a free download link to the book in PDF form, as well as two youtube clips which provide instruction on how to go about doing this. 20 minutes of meditation practice a day is recommended.

Book: ... rd_eye.pdf




Would be interesting to hear how others get on with this if you decide to experiment.

For anybody interested who wishes to cut to the chase, below is a nice clear summary of the third eye throat friction technique.

1. Learn to breathe through the larynx to create a “throat friction” – This is a technique that you will find INFINITELY useful for so many things dealing with energy and astral work. The larynx appears to be an evolutionary gift and our upright composure appears to be what separate it’s effectiveness from that of animals who are primarily horizontal in structure. The larynx (located at the “L” spot in the picture to the right) is the location of a powerful energy amplifier and to feel its effect we are going to stimulate it by “friction breathing” which consists of relaxing the jaw to keep the mouth ajar as you inhale and exhale. Focus on the spot in the back of your throat, if you notice you can control where the “crest” of your breath lands. Normally it crests at the roof of the mouth as it travels back into your throat; we want to intentionally place this “crest” on the larynx. You will create a sort of “rushing wind” sound. It will cause the larynx area to subtly vibrate thereby activating its energy center. Do not spend so much effort on making it perfect, simply do your best to position the friction there and let your body and actions naturally align to it, with time it will be clear and easy to distinguish. (Refer to the youtube clips in the first post if requiring clarification on any details of the the throat friction practice).

2. Feel The Larynx Energy Center
– As you proceed by breathing with friction your aim is to stimulate the energy center that is located on the larynx. This is a subtle but noticeable effect. For me, it feels like a pillow of unmoving breath sitting in my throat. I feel this on a different level and it isn’t physical. At this point your mind will try to fight what it is experiencing by analyzing it, it is important to refrain from doing this at this stage, you will have plenty of time to analyze after the experience, for now, quiet the mind and proceed “charging” the larynx. Do not “try” to feel it, just be aware of the location, a gentle awareness is all that is needed, the stimulation will make it more tangible. For me, it magnifies in strength and appears to integrate quickly with feeling “normal”. I notice it’s presence but it isn’t a bold presence after it sort of “settles” in. Continue to breath with friction and be aware of this location and feeling. Congratulations, you just met one of your energy centers and it IS that easy to do. Now onwards!

3. Feel Your Third Eye – As you continue charging the larynx with friction breathing turn your awareness to the point between the eyebrows, the opening to your third eye (which in reality is a tunnel stretching from the front to the back of the head like the picture below.) From here, with your awareness located on the third eye, you should feel a vibration, this can come in a couple different forms, a slight pressure, a tingling, a warmth etc. Notice whatever you are feeling there and become aware of it. This is the early energy signals that an awakening third eye puts out. It may be slight at first but with time it will become clear and subtle at the same time. The subtlety refers to how it actually FEELS, the awareness you contain on this spot will make it “clear”. This is a tough subject to describe because of the limited experience we have as a human race to describe subtle energy workings and etheric layer physics. Just focus on the feeling, no amount of words can sum up a feeling. My words are intended to get you to the feeling, not so much to impart knowledge as that is an intangible concept, this feeling is very tangible you just can’t “touch” it physically. It’s a new layer of senses most of us never knew we had and it’ll take time to integrate it into your belief systems so you can actually recognize it when it’s open. With your awareness stationed between the eyebrows and feelings of vibration, tingling, pressure, density, etc. proceed to the next phase.

4. Enhance Your Third Eye Feelings – From here, we are going to hold our hand over our head positioning the palm directly in front of, but NOT touching the location of the third eye on the physical head. Hold your hand here and remain aware between the eyebrows, simply note what happens next, do not let your mind wander or analyze yet. Your “trying” to comprehend what is going on will prove to be a hindrance in the early stages. For me, holding my hand in this position created a fairly dense ball (that is the only way to describe it) of energy pushing onto my third eye from my hand. That’s the best way I can describe the feeling I got after applying the hand in position. Let this enhance the distinction so you can easily find your third eye when doing further more advanced meditations. With time you will no longer need to include this step as you will learn to find your third eye in your awareness fairly quickly. The next step is also the last, for now.

5. Connect The Third Eye With The Larynx – This step involves a simple technique known as “connecting” by simply being aware of both your third eye and your larynx energy at the same time, they will naturally meld and amplify your third eye. This is truly a phenomenal occurrence. I thoroughly enjoyed this feeling and the process felt largely automatic, all that was needed was awareness, amazing. So with your awareness on the vibration of the third eye and the growing larynx energy you should begin to feel these two centers connecting. The vibration will change form and the whole thing will take on a more tangible form. I want to refrain from describing in detail what this felt like for me, because what is important is to remain totally aware of what is happening without trying to project what you think should be happening on top of the true magic, because it isn’t noticeable enough, trust the process is working and if the feelings aren’t there, then you just aren’t aware of them yet, it is still happening and the trick is to settle your awareness on these locations to bring them to your attention. As your energy centers connect it will amplify and give more form to your third eye. From here, the gateway is opening. You just met your third eye.
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Awakening the Third Eye (Meditation)

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Re: Awakening the Third Eye (Meditation)

Postby Szaxx » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:45 am

I've downloaded the file and will give it a go in the near future.
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Re: Awakening the Third Eye (Meditation)

Postby Samwise » Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:39 pm

Good stuff Szaxx, I'll be interested to know what you make of it. Still early days for me. The instructional youtube clips may be helpful alongside the ebook.
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