"As above...", "As within..."

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"As above...", "As within..."

Postby Taoistguy » Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:44 am

Had a very interesting experience during the early morning when I woke up and was in a half sorta sleep state. IT was as if I was in some deep meditative state and I felt my mind was almost 'all-encompassing". It was almost visual and felt like I had many thoughts all at once but could see things cleasrly as if looking at the bigger picture.
It seemed like I had arrived at a point where I could see that my own personal world was reflected in my own wider world. All my personal problems and whatnot had formed the basic real world reality for myself, in a way like my personal hell, lol. But with the potential to be my personal heaven.

I could see how what I think had materialised and in the world around me for myself and I was the author, director and star of my own destiny. Yet also the world around me was like an open book and I could see 'signs' all around me that were blatantly trying to tell me this if I would only open my mind and eyes to listen!

I guess this all sounds a bit like I've finally tipped and lost the plot but I feel as sane as I've always been! ( ahem! LOL ;) )

What it taught me was that I am master of my own fate and destiny and if I want to change my life it's down to me.
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"As above...", "As within..."

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Re: "As above...", "As within..."

Postby wstein » Fri Sep 06, 2013 5:35 pm


Now, what to do about what you see ...
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