An astral entity entering my astral body

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An astral entity entering my astral body

Postby Jettins » Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:22 pm

Experience #1277 - Temporary residence within the psyche - January 23, 2014

An astral entity entering my astral body.

I transitioned out of a non-lucid dream and landed in a bed. It had been a false awakening and it was daytime. Because I was in a flat surface ready to sleep I did what I almost ways do if I’m conscious, which is to try to induce a highly relaxed state in the hopes of becoming consciously aware during the onset of an out-of-body or astral projection experience. And since I was already in a dream bed or astral bed, all that was needed was to sense an anomaly, or a subtle sensation that only happens in the non-physical to then trigger a more objective state. It might not always be so, but this time I had just enough passive awareness to recognize the subtleties of the deepening process.

But I surely didn’t expect what was to happen this time, the deepening startled me, or spooked might be the right word. Yeah, I regret that my prejudices got the best of me at the time, probably because of some ignoramus documentaries I have seen on the issue. It was the feeling of a spirit entity entering and aligning itself to my astral body. First it sat in my pelvis, adjusted, and then reclined backwards into me in a spawn of about three seconds. I felt a subtle and brief waviness in the motion. For an instant I thought I was being possessed. As I felt this I became lucidly aware and pushed the entity away with a mental force. The entity lifted out of me with ease to be in a standing position, excluding its astral arms that had stayed attached for longer before they separated. It looked as if ghostly looking forearms had been stretched like gum and ripped away at the hands. I saw tentacles dangling for hands as the spirit entity looked unpleasantly amazed and mouth opened by the incident.

“Identify yourself!” I yelled in same way as if I had caught someone breaking into my house.

The entity morphed from female to androgynous and lastly to male. “Don’t worry, that can be fixed”, I said to his concern and indicating to his arms. And in one quick and sudden change in perception he was now sitting next to me and one of my hands was in his throat checking for his pulse. I was now calm. In the bid to sense or identify his presence the scenario remade itself for a new perception and brought about by the state of being or dimension therein. His pulse was going at about 120 beats per minute it seemed, as he looked back at me with a pale white face and light blue eyes waiting for my reaction. He never struggled in my grip or said a single word. I did not need to attune or sync to his emotions to know the ghostly entity was in fear. It was evidently so by his appearance. I looked at his eyes keenly to penetrate his psyche trying to expose any form of deceit by the involuntary flickering of his eyelids. I picked this up after it was done to me. But there was no deception whatsoever. There was only the reaction of getting caught doing something unforeseeable, by someone who was quick to access his psychic authority. I woke up.


I stayed in bed with my eyes closed thinking about the events. I decided to create a telepathic link with the entity to communicate my position to him. It was clear it had been a misunderstanding. But if it was going to inhabit my psyche it was going to do so under terms.

It came to me that it was there because it wanted my protection, as with the many entities that have approached me for this reason. I haven’t elaborated on this just yet, but this was the feeling, and it was accurate. I said to the entity: You can reside if by supporting my weakness you create a synergistic effect for my well-being. I quieted my mind and waited for a coherent response. My body was already deeply relaxed. Then my inner voice spoke to me without conscious input and exclaimed: “Goooool”. It was very clear enough as a reply that could not be ignored. The word is in Spanish and stands for “Score”.

The astral body is the container for the psyche. It contains the psychology of a human and all its inherit potentials. It is like a bottle that when it stretches, it also generates the sense of astral space for the consciousness. But it’s not so much that the outline of the astral body stretches, it it is actually the projection generated from it that does, based on its features, and it expands outwards into a dimension. Now imagine the astral body as “film”, and imagine an astral dimension is the projection of the “film, and the film is the psyche. The heavier the subtle energy that creates the astral body, or the denser the film, the less light will penetrate the film thus creating undesired destinations in general. The psyche will always bring about light, because it exists within light, or the ALL, and yet in different degrees of being, or shades of light. The shades of light become the astral levels or planes.

Now imagine the astral body as a “state of being”, when it projects into an astral domain it has entered into a “dimension of being”. This projected state as a dimension of being is not unlike a holographic projection. By definition any part of the holographic projection contains the whole. Therefore a “state of being”, as a film, of the holographic projection, meshes together the individual beings into the holographic universe, sort of speak. What it means is that one part lives in the all, and the all lives in one part. This is oneness.
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An astral entity entering my astral body

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Re: An astral entity entering my astral body

Postby Szaxx » Sat Feb 15, 2014 5:05 am

Very interesting perception of it all. It has a taste of realisation of a four dimensional aspect of all being one. This is easier to reference using the flatland scenario from a 3D perspective.
I've not experienced this in the way you have. The nearest is mind reading in a 'lower astral locale' where the indigenous are unruly. Their minds become a part of you and you become part of them as a whole. It's very difficult to shake this bond as they appear to want it more to escape or perhaps use for deceptive purposes.
I've pulled out of many experiences in the early days. Your control seems weakened and I'm not losing this aspect of self to anything less constitutional.
It gives the impression of supplying a loaded gun to a selfish child. Who knows what trouble this could cause if an entity gained access to the mind we have.
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