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Alien Planet Experience.

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Alien planet experience.

I became aware on what looked like the reddened surface of Mars. On the side of the hill behind me a 200 foot cliff with razor sharp rocks of black and red telling an old tale of unnatural destruction. It appeared unweathered, so taking a look at the sky, no clouds whatsoever were seen. Turning toward
the celestial light that illuminated the red glowing atmosphere, I saw I wasn't on any known planet. Two suns immediately met my gaze, one dull, 5 times larger than ours, the other half the size of our moon. This was illuminating everything brightly. After squinting I saw a possible third. It may have been an inner planet orbiting the smaller sun. The sky overhead was far darker than ours, no other stars were seen. I looked around and saw what appeared as
an entrance near some large rocks around 20 feet high. I assumed these and the others scattered around were the remnants of the hill. On the floor a makeshift barrier of metal and plastic sheets with footprints around it looked like the best option to take. The air seemed thinner than ours and it had a bad odour to it. Hydrogen Sulfide, the bad egg smell of rot and decay omnipresent since my awakening here. I walked over the inch thick,
red dust on the ground and lifted the barrier. It was hinged and led down a few steps to a dusty slope around 10 feet wide. I expected it to be dark, it wasn't, a dull light filled everything and it sufficed to see what was
close by. After walking a few tens of feet I heard a clicking noise. More noises now from different directions infront of me. I stopped and heard a clicky sound and a whooping sort of chattering too. I knew this was a language
as the sounds were copying each others with more clicks etc coming from different locations.I looked around with clear vision now my eyes had adjusted to the light. The walls were straight with inch wide gouges ground
into the surface. They looked scratched in by long fingernails and these had some fine moss like growth in them. This growth was the source of the light. I also noticed no noxious fumes like outside when on the surface, a moist cleanliness by comparison. Infront of me 15 feet or so was another wall, it appeared a dead end. Was I trapped?, I had no bad feelings and searched around for some thoughts of anyone else present. The instant
I did this the wall on my left moved silently and I was confronted by some entities. These were not human, although humanoid, they studied me and I could feel their presence in my mind. They were probing me to see if I was a threat, I picked
this up and responded immediately. I had no idea where I was but knew I was far from home. Mars being a possibility, the twin Suns said otherwise. The wall opened up completely and I was mentally beckoned inside. A few steps in, the wall closed silently behind me. The entities gave another mental command to follow them and I did. They removed their face masks and giving mental images they explained that the air was toxic to them, confusion as to why
it had no effect on me, they instinctively knew I wasn't a local resident. The info was now pouring from me like a deluge of water in a flood. Almost as fast as unfurling an imprint from the source, yet, I understood their
desire for knowledge. So much was being transferred, I received the start of the familiar headache I used to get in the early days. It stopped dead as they realised my ability to comprehend had to be processed, interpreted into a recognisable form and could relate to. I went with the flow on this hoping to gain something in return. They were various sizes, the average around 4 to 5 feet tall. The communicators were over 6 feet and although not physically intimidating, messing with them telepathically
isn't a recommended option, instinct showed this. Their bodies were a pale, possible grey, the red glow hid their true colour. Long and thin with elongated heads, their eyes were twice larger than ours and no white
was seen. The shiny blackness hid most of the details. The nose didn't protrude but the two openings had triangular flaps of skin that they clearly had full control of. These opened at the bottom and at the central point where
they almost touched. They were open slightly inside the room. A small mouth that was rather slitty with miniscule lips, it did look like it could be stretched far wider if required. I knew the planet once was alive on the
surface and this changed when a twist in their evolution occurred. It wasn't totally a natural reason, more of a side effect from depleted resources and the wars that this caused. I tried to reach into them to see their technological
level but this info was blocked without question. The energy they used wasn't familiar and it is mostly responsible for the planets demise. This occurred long ago. Now the only life here was in pockets and this composed of
two forms. Those underground and the raiders who could live on or near the surface. I had to know what was expected of me in this place and still had no answers. We all moved into a lift and descended for a while. After
the doors opened the sentries were edgy to say the least at my human form. They looked no different from the rest of the smaller entities. They all looked at me with that WTF expression, mouth open and unblinking eyes. We
all went into a room on the left of the plastic looking corridor. The room had normal white lighting which resembles our LED's, many scattered above on the 12 foot or so high ceiling. A table with benches before me
and some kind of indicator panel in the plastic like wall with strange inscriptions and I assume warning lights. It did appear to be an alarm panel. It was warmer too. This extra heat made a couple of the seven or so uncomfortable.
I thought of reducing the heat and the room cooled to that of the corridor. This action made the group more contented and it also appeared to be a good gesture. I noticed a purple, grey colour to them too. Their eyes remaining
midnight black. They clicked and whistled for a few secs then started to give basic comments telepathically. This grew into an understanding of how to communicate without upsetting either party. A hard mental strain
but they used some language totally unlike the way we speak. My first impressions being they used block phrases which removed many of the words we have in English. A symbol with a name is a paragraph by comparison. Far faster
than any language I've come across but not as fast as telepathy. Intent on communicating, this seemed to work and now a base of communication was made. The problem they had was obvious. The raiders, a race or creed split from
them, impulsive in their actions and far less an ability of telepathy were a drain on them in many ways. A good Eco system obviously exists here and I can guess the energy source is totally clean. Nothing I could see outside
in the way of chimneys or similar was observed. They were surviving in comfort and have adapted to this way of life. They sent a source of nourishment to the surface which they made somehow and this was always taken away I assume by the raiders. There's pockets of surface water but no oceans are known of. They could live together, but, every time the underground entities stay on the surface for more than a few mins they become disoriented
and this leads to their demise. The raiders seem to be immune to the toxins in the atmosphere from what I could capture from the basic communications. The problem now is the raiders are attempting to enter the depths by
force and a hostility between the two is now developing. My part in this is looking like a negotiator. My concerns are not knowing anything, I mean absolutely nothing is known, no history or similar barring the split and
a minuscule of fading info. I had to find the raiders and see what the game is that they're playing.The undergrounders think it's an attack as they give food and their repayment is holes in their upper protective shell.
This could be lethal in itself and hasn't helped the situation.The raiders, well they are just raiders in the minds of the undergrounders. Nothing detected from their locked minds on anything related to how they live.
The resentment grows, it may follow that the gift of food may stop. This can't be allowed to happen. It would be an end to both groups.I realise it's time to venture outside and attempt to meet these so called raiders.
Impressions were made mentally as it's the best of a worst communication.I would join the undergrounders offer of food with myself on the surface in order to meet them. A few clicks and whistles repeated amongst the
group with me.No idea what was said but as an afterthought it may have been humour. Thinking of the thought package, it may look like I was offering myself as food too. I had the general idea of an early dispatch and
waiting in the shadows. This seemed impossible to get across so I kept things basic. A short while later everything was arranged and the trip to the surface followed. Back in the top room the wall to the corridor opened
up silently and the wares placed in their usual position. I walked towards the light at the opening and slowly stepped out into the acrid smelling atmosphere allowing my eyes to adjust to the brilliantly lit land. My thoughts
of trees and birds singing brought a sadness to what I could only imagine existed here many years ago.I decided hiding might not be such a good idea after the previous thought of being mistaken for food. That wasn't any ending I would enjoy, being so far from home. Venturing further from the rocks and walking into the dusty plain that stretched for many miles in all directions, I waited for a good while with nothing much to keep my mind
busy. This is a bad thing as boredom can return you, especially being here for a few hours already. I decided to go near the initial place where I gained awareness hoping for something to happen. It did, cries from the cliff
top. I saw little people, they were around four feet tall at best. Stockier than the others from underground and they had no fear of height too. Around ten at present and covered in the sort of clothing you'd see in the movies.
No faces were exposed so perhaps this food run wasn't as good for these guys too. Over the cliff face fifteen or so now all looking at me as they descend the razor sharp rocks. Then the lower one's stopped and produced what
resembles our catapult. The strange thing here is they didn't use the shards of rock, they put some green gue in the devices pocket and I was hailed with gunk. Totally bemused by this and thinking WTF. The clever distraction
they created from only one direction allowed more to take the food supply from behind me unnoticed. As the green gue had no effect, they changed it to purple gue. It smelled sweet and I nearly tasted it but didn't, an
untimely return now the fun had begun wasn't wanted at all. I clapped my hands and the bombardment stopped. They could have easily attacked from behind, they didn't. I was covered in gue that had no bad effects and set
like a soft rubber. Some of the others were struggling with the food parcel so I decided to help them. I had no fear of them and they didn't seem aggressive at all, despite the rubber coating I was now attired within.
Walking towards the food parcel many of them started shrieking and I was the center of attention once again. They ran then jumped up high and landed on me so I'd do what? They were like four year olds. I couldn't help
but grin, then I started laughing. They stood still, totally bemused by my weird actions. I saw it this way, they cover me in rubber for standing firm and when I move they jump on me and bounce off like I was a mobile bouncy castle. Their point of view I get later on. I physically and mentally gestured I will help carry the food parcel and tried the OK thing with my finger and thumb stretching my rubber coated fingers out to see if it made any sense to them. It did, they all hit the dust on the ground apparently laughing. I found this bemusing so grabbed the parcel and rested it on my shoulder, pointing in an assumed direction from where they came from. After a short time in deliberation,
they pointed the way and started running. I was a few yards behind them when we reached the destination. A large rock moved revealing a cave entrance, it was perfectly carved and the 7 foot circular rock door moved easily. It must have weighed a ton looking at it. This shows craftsmanship way beyond the expectations of a raiders capability. Around a foot thick, the stone door seals shaped and polished in a conical way made a perfect fit. When closed,
there's no way of knowing a door exists here. I was impressed with this work of art. Thing's get sketchy here with the recall. Some I haven't fully recalled yet. A small group of what I assume are elders met me outside.
My communications started with gestures, this method is not used as its considered insulting. This being apparent. Then they gave a clear mental indication for communication. Telepathy has its wonders and this was clearly the way forward.
I looked like rubberoid, it must have been a surprise when I peeled it off my head. The gaze from the elders was a picture. They expected a communicator from the undergrounders. Nope they got me complete with my rather fascinating
skin colour and of course the whopper of a nose. Even the party I met previously hadn't noticed. The elders realised I'm no local and wanted more info, I obliged with a quick thought of where I came from and how I travel the
multiverse. They seemed to like the way it worked and knew the method of traveling too as they did the exact same. The planet was alive in many areas but this location was too near the event horizon to support life just yet.
Apparently a caldera was being used for its heat and the technology used took too much when its contents sank, this caused a mile wide shrinkage in the surface rocks. The result was catastrophic. It wasted half the planets life and the survivors fled into the ancient volcanic tuboids. These were already in use so permitted their survival. It was a wow moment how they adapted and screened themselves from the destructive force. Their technology permitted the use of
the heat and this in itself was the main reason so many survived the molten mass that once covered the area we are standing upon. It explains the miles of flat nothingness I saw initially. The gue they splashed over
me is an emergency protective shell. It's primary use is for the undergrounders, should they be found outside and wandering aimlessly. It has an outer layer, the purple stuff, that has a limited life
as it adsorbs the atmospheric intoxicant with its functional nature. We communicated over the food issue and why they raid the ones helping. Mixed feelings of not being allowed into the undergrounders abode and the resentment that the elders could feel was an issue. The
atmosphere with its inherent toxins was known to the raiders as it had a bite but nothing debilitating. The undergrounders had a severe reaction to the atmosphere, they did however, express great concern with this knowledge.
They once suffered and have found a cure. They hated the thought of being called raiders, that disgusted them and a long time had elapsed since the 'issue' they once had between them. I couldn't fathom what it was as it appeared miniscule, heralded by the legend it had become.
I also tried to find how old they were. Although
age itself wasn't measured here, your abilities were and this seemed how they gave respect to each other. The twin suns had some strange effects and they did mess this up somewhat. They retained some technology and it worked with what was left of the copious underground resources. The water was inherently contaminated with nasties
from the pseudo-natural event that caused the surfaces demise. I was beginning to see the events that led to the catastrophic change here. I liked the raiders, they were very kind and a peaceful bunch of entities. They
had no need to block my inquiring mind and communication was far easier, almost natural. Their language wasn't the same as the undergrounders, it was closer to ours. Still totally baffling to comprehend. They too spoke in
block clusters and not as much clicking was heard. A more musical tone was being used. The elders did have the ability to call mentally to everyone so telepathy was indeed in use. The undergrounders must be a little different
than what they've accepted themselves as. This was troublesome, either I was being used as a puppet which wasn't going to be allowed at any cost, or they, to use a human term, have their heads up their axxes (s required). A
wake-up call is in order, if so, how to implement this without being seen as a negative entity myself will have to be done on the spot with the limited communication made available. I hoped this assumption wasn't real, it did cross my mind. The names we use for eachother are not in use here.
I enquired by thinking how do they address eachother. This too was amusing for them. 'We have no names as they are irrelevant. You use thoughts of the one in question and instantly they know you wish to communicate. It can
be one or a select group', I interpreted. I did feel I was at the mental level of a pet. I thought my abilities were reasonable at least, their naturally developed method was above what I thought as standard. Establishing this made things easier. To obtain what information you required, all those to whom you wanted to 'converse' with picked up your request and the most proficient communicated. Thinking again about the speed of info exchange a book full of text could be exchanged and interrogated in lightening speed. This was new to me, although telepathy is a naturally faster method of communication, my use, so far, had been linear. These entities sent and received info in any order and responded the same way. The data conveyed is already in order before it's sent so the response needs no linearity. (Wow, those adventure
books from the 70's came to mind. All the info is within and your choice of answer dictated the next page to go to. If you remembered every page, the correct path is made simple). It makes a mockery of our language system.
Indeed I was learning more about data packet integration than I thought possible. The imprint I'm familiar with is very fast, it requires interpretation. This method is specific and no interpretation is required. Very structured
indeed. The undergrounders must have thought me delinquent at my linear attempts to communicate. Feelings, sensations and how we communicate info must seem backwards to them. It's no wonder I found things difficult to comprehend. Fixated
on this new integrated telepathy, I did my best to apply my findings. The small group around me, I found, had a sorrowful pity at our Earth system with its lack of finesse and wide openness to misinterpretation. I attempted to control my linear thoughts and they helped with this. Removing our linear method was a disaster. I couldn't do it, my attempt was interpreted as a dyslexic on a really bad day. Much to their amusement of course. I gained their
trust, it's as if they emptied my knowledge and read it. They knew I was a traveler with a mission, with one massive debilitation on the issue I had to perform, that being communication. My mind was racing into overdrive,
such a mental challenge was pushing boundaries on learning, to do things correctly in a totally new concept of communication that doesn't exist on planet Earth. This was going to be a tough cookie to bite into. It's on
a new level and I was loving the challenge. One of the earlier party told the elders of my OK symbolism. They too appeared to laugh. I was filled in with this gesture being a crude suggestion for 'unattached procreation'.
It looked to them as if wanted to do things with the food parcel. Their sense of humour is similar to ours, I'm glad they didn't take offence. Their home is underground and they do have good ideals on the use of technology.
It's totally green. I mean totally Eco friendly. After the devastation of the wars, a committee was formed and those left formed two biased groups. This reminded me of the Capulets and Montague's from our history in a way. I even thought of Prokofiev and the musical masterpiece so played it in my mind. I was the perpetrator of awestruck faces. They all loved it. I was accepted for sure now. The satellite weapons have now long gone. One being responsible
for the cliff. They were a last resort to heat the surface when the magma sank in the caldera. They failed unfortunately. Too little too late. I had two groups of entities with similarities and a misinterpretation that
was turning sour. I could hardly communicate and looked like an alien pet. Talk about the odds being stacked against me. It was made easier as they wanted to see something related to their otherworldly travels. I had
nothing at the start saying environmental manipulation wasn't allowed, typical in these travels, so I obliged. I was far more than I appeared to be. The murky water in the pool close by was my first move. I suggested they stay
calm and observe. It rose up 20 feet in a foot wide circular column complete with small ripples on the outer surface. I saw its dirty colour so changed it to crystal clear in a band starting at the peak and slowly lowering
itself moving the impurities as it descended. Then made to fall in drops the size of a large bucket so slowly as I machined by thoughts the sideshow. I removed the dust on the ground with a wind and let it fall elsewhere on the plain.
Then I took one of the large slowly falling drops and moved a mouthful of the water in my direction. It hovered before me in the shape of a tube. I drank it showing it was clean. The poisons that were in it, now a lump
of puss on the ground. This foolishness is something I've never really done before. It was a hit with these little guys. The pool sparkled as did the ground and samples were taken into their abode. It actually tasted like water
but that's an expectation.
My time here must have been long, no pulls or twists saying it's soon to end so I had to resolve the issue in hand. After a concocted packet of thoughts I sent to an elder, my mission was now
in resolution mode. The ones who received it knew exactly what to do, I was somewhat impressed by this new learning and the group of choice members selected, we set off towards the undergrounders trap door. After the brief
walk messages were sent towards the communicators of the undergrounders. I felt them transceive, several images, messages, loves, hates and almost everything that transpired since my introduction to this land. We entered the
trap door and waited for our sight to adjust. Mine being the slowest by magnitudes was helped along with a thought. It was clearly noticed and that rhythmic clicking appeared again. The wall opened and a large group
in full projective attire met us. The silence lasted for an eternity until I realised both sides were looking at me for the next move. Instantly sending a request for an amicable environment, a removal of the misguided attitudes so
leaving an open mind, a listen (if that's the right word) to eachother before making decisions and no warring. I would instantly freeze anything remotely related to hostility as it had no place here. The data from the
water tower and whatever else could be packed in. It was received well, we were invited into the large lift and we all decended. The minds of all were now open and the amount of communicating was overwhelming. Many stories
of the past flying around, some legends. It was too fast to remember and this is why the recall suffered. It puts a big multi on multitask. We were all in the room again where I was earlier, it seemed larger now as it accommodated
everyone. A large sample of the clean water I made being offered as a gesture of good will. This was placed in an analyser (my guess) and met with approval. I also received the data from my dyslexic attempt at their language's methodology.
I don't know which one sent it, the results were amusing again. I decided to attempt a series of block comments that would be clear so all present would understand. All the misconceptions were dealt with and the food issue
was raised with a water one. The raiders had a very good method of purifying the most stagnant pools which was unknown to the undergrounders. The modification of something I've no idea what was swapped and the food parcels
were no longer required. It came out that the undergrounders had infiltrated the raiders water storage and unknowingly used it as a natural source. It wasn't fully purified, it had something inside it that was making a
sickness in the raiders. They eventually removed it and once consumed, the toxicity of the atmosphere was greatly reduced. The purple rubber coating being the structure that cleansed the water. That's the main problem solved
for the undergrounders. Their limited technology wasn't as advanced as the raiders on Eco systems and the, perhaps, genetic modification to the food was better on the undergrounders side. The start of my work sorted itself
out and the rest will follow after I leave. The taller communicators were now making sense to me. They liked my travels and we communicated on the problems their world was getting over. Their energy source was heat based,
I still was locked out on what it was. It seemed like electricity in a way, the power surges we have create lots of heat. Theirs didn't, it froze up anything close by. The lighting was an artificially created bio-system that used
the waste from their environmental systems so nothing was building up in piles like our nuclear waste. Far too complex to comprehend as our power systems are crude by comparison. We force things to create energy, they seem
to allow a natural process and then exploit it. The red glow on the upper walls is manufactured from possibly a fungus or algae and it takes the hydrogen sulfide out of the air. They have massive caverns full of it and it's near the
surface. Nice inhabitants with their problems sorted by a pet. It's still funny thinking about it.
I do think this may have been a simulation, a test of my mental capabilities. If I could only work on their method,
the info from the source would be far closer to assessing. Thinking outside linear time by having the ability to sort through a mass of instant info is bewildering. Mankind isn't ready for this yet, the headache is worse than an iced cream brain freeze. Lol.

I hope you liked it.
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Alien Planet Experience.

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