A woman re-incarnating

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A woman re-incarnating

Postby Jettins » Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:20 pm

Experience #1192 – A woman re-incarnating – October 18, 2013

I was walking inside a building wondering how it was possible that I did not become objectively aware when I had flown outside just a few moments before. I rationalized that it had been too ordinary and that I would become lucid when I had accepted something different. I looked at my hands and at my surroundings to attempt to increase the level of my awareness. The surroundings became so highly vivid and stable to my senses that it blew my mind.

I was in a very large beautiful building that had marble floors and a high ceiling. It gave the feeling of being the entrance to a very large auditorium. I think I’ve seen a similar design during a visit to an astral city #887. I walked in a wide hallway that had glass windows to my right for just a few meters. Then I saw three children playing inside an adjacent room to the left.

Me: I would like to apologize.

Boy: There’s no need to do that, we’ve been through that before.

Me: OK.

I turned and kept walking further into the hall. I took note of a young girl reclining against a wall. I walked towards her and looked closely striving to understand the situation. Then I noticed the girl shape-shifting into a much older woman. It became peculiar that I noticed the transformation in detail.

Me: But you were a young girl before and now you changed into a woman.

Woman: I’m a mother

Confirming my thoughts at the time that this is what was being projected.

Me: Yes I know; you have children.

Woman: I died as an in vitro fertilization, the experiment failed.

Me: You were trying to re-incarnate?

Woman: Yes

She repeated her situation a second time. I realized there was something very wrong with this picture. I wouldn’t have picked up on if I hadn’t being trying to understand the situation carefully. The experiment was an experiment done in the astral dimensions. She attempted to infuse her consciousness into an embryo in the hopes of being reborn within a physical body.

Me: That’s OK, you’re going to have another chance. When you return, you’re going to have to give up all your memories, I mean ALL of them. You will be able to do astral projection and do what I’m doing to try to get some of them back. But I mean maybe just maybe you can gain SOME of them back. (Exact words)

Woman: Oh, did you hear that?

Talking to the man she was with. It was her husband or partner.

Woman: Ah, we are going to have to forget all our memories! (In a whiny female voice)

There was something wrong with the man because he spoke using unintelligible buffing sounds, but he was able to acknowledge her by knotting his head.

Woman: Where should we re-incarnate? Ah, how about Miami, Florida? (Whiny voice)

Man: Yeah, OK, OK (Buffing and puffing)

Just when I was about to wonder if I was authorized to take them through the re-incarnation process, I felt and heard a signal in the back-right of my head for a few seconds. I initiated a telepathic link to a trusted source to ask about this directly, just in case I had misunderstood, and then I heard the beeping sound again which confirmed to me that I was to proceed.

Me: Come, fly with me, I’ll take you where you need to go.

At this point I was absolutely certain that something was going to happen. I didn’t know what shape this would take, but something was going to happen for sure. We walked outside the building.

I looked up into the night sky. A rip in the astral space opened up about half a mile away in the distance. From my vantage point It was the size of about two basketballs put together at arms lengths. First it looked like a diamond shape with shimmering dark blue light and then it expanded into an oval shape vortex. The edge of the vortex appeared to be conducting electricity. Inside the vortex was a dynamic scene of many galaxies coming into view. It could be described as a type of incarnational matrix or energetic field for sure.

Me: You have to fly towards that light! (Referring to the vortex)

The woman accelerated as fast as any missile and shot up towards the vortex. When she saw that her partner was having difficulty she circled the vortex and stopped high in the distance.

Woman: Come on, hurry!!!!!

She disappeared into the energy vortex. My thoughts at the time became to try to catapult the man into the vortex. I grabbed him and then flew with him to give the extra push. But he felt too heavy or there wasn’t enough force of attraction. I focused my mind on trying to achieve the needed force to catapult him towards the vortex. Our flying speed about doubled but it wasn’t enough. The vortex collapsed about half way to it. I sent a telepathic thought that the man wasn’t going to make it. The diamond shape then fell from the sky and landed in a platform in front of a group of people that appeared to be waiting for him. It came to me that I should drop him there. I turned my head to look because I felt someone behind me. I saw a man flying very close to me and touching my back with his right hand. A guide was making sure that I did everything correctly.

Guide: There are two things I agree about them.

I woke up.


There is much I want to explain about this one that it overwhelms me. If I don’t share the long winded explanation there could be a problem of the cognitive dissonance type, and they can be ugly to sensitive readers so I’ll leave it at that. The reason why I had this experience came when I questioned some consensus the evening before, in order to invalidate what I intuitively felt to be absolutely inadequate in the practical sense, and that there was a better flavor to the re-incarnation process proved to be a validated thought.


Experience #884 http://www.astralvoid.com/visiting-man- ... -t589.html seems to be a prequel to this one that I can remember. An astral wind carried me to meet up with a man in the astral dimensions. It says the following:

Me: You know what? You’re going to have a second chance to get a body.

Man: to do what?

Me: To go play pok-er if you want.

I noticed his reaction. He was taken aback as if I had read his mind.

Me: Once you’re ready, you’re going to start changing and you will go into a different energy system where you will wait for a new body. (Exact words)

More comments here: http://www.astralvoid.com/astral-projec ... -t799.html
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A woman re-incarnating

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