A shadow being in the room

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A shadow being in the room

Postby Jettins » Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:54 pm

Experience #1223 – A shadow being in the room – November 22, 2013

I was listening to a YouTube interview. It related to the Philadelphia experiment and the unified field. The interview was with Joseph P. Farrell. After about 30 minutes of carefully listening to it I lost awareness and fell to sleep.

I was floating in no discernable direction. It was as if my perception was moving without my conscious input. But I was being shown something. It was the body of a mutilated person. I didn't have any type of reflective awareness, as when seeing into the memory of someone else. There was absolutely no emotional response in my part, because it was not possible to reflect upon what I was seeing at the time. There was also no sound. Only the movement of my vision across the body of this mutilated person, and from about 16 inches away. He was lying down in a floor. Nothing else in the room was perceived. His foot looked as if it had been chopped with a machete in one stroke, and the fingers in his right hand had been ripped off.

After the vision my point of reference returned into my astral bedroom. This happened after shifting form the mental and into the astral dimension. I felt someone reclining against the wall of the bed. It was a man making a type of “hmr, hmr hrm” sound with a deep voice. He had his legs opened and was trying to hug my body with them. I became aware that I was in the out-of-body condition. I turned around to see. It was a deformed man with burned skin. He had small horns in his head and was blackened from the burns. I could feel lumps in his arms from the boiling after being exposed to extreme heat, or more precisely, the features that had carried over into this astral form from the psychic/mental plane. He grabbed me by his arms trying to give me a hug. While doing so, I felt the missing fingers.

For a brief second I hesitated. But then I realized that even though he looked like a type of religious demon, and having embraced the evil ways for some time, he had learned his lesson and was finally ready to change his ways. The memories of his suffering had overpowered any last desire for evil. Such is the effect of many sad souls after having been broken. He hugged me in such a desperate need of affection, and like the first person who had accepted him without any fear in ages. I hugged him back to make him feel better. It was evident he wanted to be understood, and to be offered a chance for something new.

I looked at his eyes. With a hand pointing upwards into the sky and with other held against my heart I said:

Me: Fill yourself up with love; aim high, into an abstraction

With a deep telepathic voice that sounded like James Earl Jones he replied:

Man: See if I can before I go, one last time.


The following is from another post. It can be used to give some insight into the above.

However, analogous to light and dark; a plane, as an observable point of being, is simply a temporary expression of itself as it fluctuates between more than one state and plane. Thus, one could say that an astral scenery (or vital plane) one finds oneself in is the result or something else, and that something else is not separate from the mental world (psychic-being). Then, one could say that the mental plane (or psychic plane to avoid upsetting some esoteric fundamentalists), as the driver, is more psychic than the astral plane, therefore the mental plane has "less substance" and is more illusionary by nature. Yet, the only real delimiter between the two is "degrees of separation"… (or authentic vs. non-authentic in terms of spiritual development)., how the thoughts (the mental), through the use of intuitive awareness, can influence the astral being, and then a higher perceptual awareness may become available. The Mental plane can be said to be in a position relative to the astral and not inherently higher by definition, unless one just wishes to re-define words.

When we think while in the astral dimension do we go to another plane? Yes and no. It would be Yes, if the point of awareness after being shifted is isolated, and it would be No, if we call the mental the annex of the astral body, its anchor. The mental being the energetic substructure of the astral body. This would imply that the astral plane is an impression of the mental plane, that is, if I were to allow the use of these words to give meaning to the perspective. The result of the two planes fused together would be the physiological for lack of a better word, or the features of the astral body (psyche) after its energetic supports are accounted for.

If we don’t do our part, we get put in a place to do the part regardless. However, we are allowed to create our part, and it can be special.
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A shadow being in the room

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