5 False Assumptions!

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Re: 5 False Assumptions!

Postby astralzombie » Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:32 pm

Thanks Lion! I heard about this guy on another radio show and wanted to learn more about his ideas. Like you, I'm disgusted that we are trying hard to learn certain truths that may seem to be far out there but only because others are working double time to keep it hidden. We aren't learning anything new as a species, we're relearning!

This reminds me a little of what Bruce Lipton was saying as well. He talks about how we have probably already evolved as far as we can as a species and the next evolutionary step is to converge and evolve into a collective consciousness. Just like how individuals cells have evolved to their max and the only thing left to do is to merge with other cells until you have a person. One ant is useless but the ant colony is superbly capable of accomplishing monumental tasks.

With the internet, cell phones, ipads, i-whatevers, we are already evolving into a super human organism where one individual learns something and then quickly shares it with the hive. I can't say that this is where I wanted human evolution to go but our old buddy William may be right when he says that it is inevitable.
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Re: 5 False Assumptions!

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