17/Apr/2013: Card Validation!

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17/Apr/2013: Card Validation!

Postby Sinera » Sat Apr 20, 2013 3:44 pm

It just occurred to me that I wanted to duplicate my journal here in parts, so here we go: this is the latest entry from 3 days ago, I will also re-post some of the more interesting older experiences from time to time (no worries, no spamming intended :mrgreen: )

the original entry (with a few edits and cuts maybe) from my journal at AD follows after the introductory ######

the experience is always given first without or only with little comments, and then an analysis is written below it

any comments or advice are of course always welcome
(as always and in advance for following entries, excuse my bad english as I am not an English speaker)

original: http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/showth ... post120384

Card Validation!

I get vibrations and am in my 'astral bed' experiencing blindness again. I immediately shout out to my helper(s) to be shown the card I had put 'blind' on a shelf two days ago in front of a little nightlight (for night view should I do the unlikely case of a "real" RTZ projection).

First I remain in darkness, maybe holding a helpers hand or not (don't remember exactly) as I do usually when communicating with my helpers and do not see anything.

I shout again "The card! Show me the card!" Then I see a card approaching me from far away. The background is still black. There is just this little card, still far away, a little to the right (Btw, it's also to the right in my physical room). I zoom in on it so it gets nearer. I recognise it and shout it out as an aid for memorising it: "It's a Nine Of Spades!". Then ask for confirmation: "Yes?". A guide answers telepathically (no in-ear-voice this time) "yes".

Then vision comes on and I am in my "lightportal" (for those who don't remember my previous entries: it's the name I gave to my childhood bedroom into which I phase quite often, sometimes almost automatically) and the same card is on a shelf next to the bed there visible for me.

The guide who answered is a woman. But if I remember correctly it is not Katja (see last post above) this time. I don't know or remember her. I look at the card again and it still is the Nine Of Spades. Then however I seem to lose focus and lucidity. It starts to fluctuate and the black Spades turn also into black Crosses/Clubs, the number unchanged. So it might also have been a Nine Of Clubs. The lack of lucidity also leads me then to defocus from the card validation and engage in a kind of semi-sexual encounter with the guide. But it seems to lead to nowhere and I wake up.

Being annoyed at my loss of lucidity and (again) indulgence in my astral sexual urge I expected a failure for the card validation. I did not look up the card immediately but went to sleep after I wrote the result on a piece of paper in case I should forget which card I saw. This morning, I went to the shelf and turned the stack around: Shock! A Nine Of Spades!
:o :)

This is the picture I took this morning. I know this does not prove anything to anyone (except me), it is just a little act of celebration and remembrance of this success for me.
It shows what I noted on paper that night and the turned around stack in its box with the 'astrally remote viewed' card on top: "pik 9" means "Nine of Spades". I also noted down the second "unsure" card which is "kreuz 9" (Nine of Clubs), but the call I made for this attempt was the first and "stable" one, of course:

I did it !!!

Comments / Afterthoughts

I've made a "deal" with my Higher Self two days ago. Maybe THIS is what made it happen. I asked my HS to help me or send me helpers that would help me get the card validation done. Part of the deal was some things I would do in future and some I would no longer do. I will not reveal it all here for personal reasons, but one thing was that I would not try a validation again but use my projection attempts instead for 'higher' and less selfish purposes, such as retrievals and healings, but also to get to know ("meet") my HS (also past lives etc.).

Thus it was a last 'desperate' act. I really asked my HS "give me this one success and I will let it be for good". I had not tried a lot of card validations since the last time (see link below) when I had a second (!) "near miss" (see link in quote) in September 2012, which then made me speculate on the following:

It's a little intriguing despite the failure. Like the first time, it was just a little off the mark, a near miss. Maybe the larger consciousness system wants to tease me or tell me 'hey, you're close but not (yet) there'?
From entry: 22/Sep/2012 - Card Validation Test 2: Close But No Cigar, Again!

Maybe this was true. Maybe the "deal" was now making me hit the mark with one shot, at last.

After that attempt in September, I only did one or two more card tests last year, but always with fluctuations where I saw many cards, so I could not make a definite call, which is why they didn't count as a failed run in the statistics. Only if I could settle on a definite card I would make a call and thus determine on hit or miss.

Then, I also saw a few months ago (in October) a Jack Of Clubs in hypnagogic state. However it turned out to be the wrong card when I looked it up later. This was all. I did not do anything for months then.

The other thing regarding verifications was the RV experiments in eyeoneblack's thread very recently. This failed miserably for me because I used the AHM approach (astral hearing method) but did never understand what Katja told me as I could somehow not translate her words, they sounded "foreign" to me. There's not entry here for these attempts, I was just too plain disappointed. So I had become quite despondent regarding any verified perception attempts.

This was a last shot now, taking up the card challenge again. Yesterday night I tried this already but I did not get out of body (despite a short vibrational stage). Tonight it worked, however. And how!

Again: I am skeptical enough and I believe I am not deluding myself by counting and disregarding many wrong calls before it. I swear: There were none! This new attempt with help of my HS and/or my helpers worked the first time. It was the first trial and the only and first call I made. And a clear hit! Wow! I know it's not a "RTZ validation" since I was not in my physical bedroom perception-wise, but that does not take away anything from me. Call it clairvoyant or astral remote viewing or whatever: the right card is the right card, true?
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17/Apr/2013: Card Validation!

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