03/Nov/2011: The Puncture (Vision For Humanity)

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03/Nov/2011: The Puncture (Vision For Humanity)

Postby Sinera » Tue May 21, 2013 3:02 pm

Since today I have a little too much time left and no recent exits happened, I thought I might post (copy over with a view edits) some past lucidventures of the kind which I like to remember for their content or "message" such as is the case for this one especially. As it was so long I leave out the Comments-section completely. (It speaks very much for itself anyway, :) in my view).

http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/showth ... post104672

The Puncture (Vision For Humanity)

In the state, I get lucid several times or even kind of 'phase' into the scenery. I do so with heavy REES (Re-Entry Electrical Sensations), but no vibrations. There is also no exit remembered by me, it was always a 'fast switch' or teleporting into the scenery.

The first lucidventure only deserves a short mention. I was in a city asking people where I was. I could even phase back there a 2nd time shortly after I snapped back into my bed / physical body again. People there told me this place was called "Ceska Venec(i)a" (or similar). Well, 'ceska' means Czech (in Czech) and Venec(i)a could mean Venice. I found out that there is indeed a district in Prague that is called "Venice Of Prague", but I do not recognise it from the pictures and have no other clues, which makes it all inconclusive to me.

Then another 'phasing' occurred and it is an amazing experience for me. I would even go so far and daringly call it a "Vision" for Humanity now. And believe me, I thought all day long about it at work and could hardly concentrate on my job. Here is what happened:

I phase into the scene from another experience or dream and find myself standing outside on a wide field. I'm standing on a little elevation and have a good overview of the landscape. It looks beautiful, like in a painting. The landscape is idyllic, pastures interspersed with bushes, some small lanes, gates and trees.

Almost even before the visuals set in, another guy next to me stated talking in an analytical but also a little sullen (or disappointed?) tone. (Edit / comment 2013: He also appeared later again in dreams. He is in his mid-twenties and has long and a little curly hair, he might wear 'vintage' clothing, but not sure, at least it's always a collar shirt (looks aristocratic a bit). Altogether he looks like a sullen 17/18th century philosopher absorbed in his thoughts and musings somehow. I came to conclude that he might be an aspect of mine, or yet another incarnation? Nothing's certain however.)

This is approximately what he was saying:

"Humanity still lags so much behind in its development. It has not even reached 60 points of its potential on a scale of 700-800."

I have not time to think a lot about his statement as I am again distracted by the scenery and scene unfolding.

I see a ray of light shining through the white clouds above in a light beam and forming a spotlight on the meadow below. It really haunts me since it is, unlike the rest of the scenery, not really natural. The circle of light formed on the ground is several metres in diameter.

I immediately decide to ask this 'wise' guy about the phenomenon as I consider him to know more about it. So I look at him the first time, asking „What is this?“ pointing at the light beam from the sky. The guy looks at me and answers:

"It is called 'The Puncture'."

Suddenly, I see more of these rays from above appearing in the landscape and then I even see people stepping into these circles of light.

There is no further conversation with anyone, but I later join one of these groups squatting down in one of the spots of light. All is shining bright, warm and peacefully. Then I look up to the sky and see the ray disappearing in an opening in the clouds. Then I spot a huge machine or even (alien?) spaceship flying out of / above the clouds. It does not look menacing in any way. Possibly it is the source of this 'emanation', maybe it even kind of "seeds" these light beams all over the landscape?

The experience ends then and I wake up (with REES again).
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03/Nov/2011: The Puncture (Vision For Humanity)

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