Astral Projection – Dreaming of Projection

I’m a stickler for that statement “dreaming about projection”…

Now, unless what you mean is that the SUBJECT of the dream was projection, for example, you were talking to a friend about astral projection. That, to me, is dreaming of projection.

But what most people I’ve spoken to about this subject mean is that they were aware they were dreaming, yet the experience still felt “strange” and “dreamlike” to them. First, you can’t “dream about projection” in that manner. You’re either aware that you’re non-physical (projection) or you’re not aware that you’re non-physical (dream). <-- also, this alludes to the idea that dreams aren't what we think they are, but that's a discussion for another time. A lot of people, especially new people to Projection who don't have much or any experience, confuse "pre-projection sensations" with having a projection. Stuff like waking up or falling asleep with Vibrations and feeling a sense of separation in the same way that people meditating might have these sensations. You can experience them while meditating, while falling asleep or even while waking up. Unless you were explicitly in the non-physical AND aware that you were non-physical, then it's not a projection. Now let's quickly address false awakenings. A false awakening is a dream in which you believe you're PHYSICALLY awake and going about your business. It IS a projection in which you think you're awake, yet you don't realize you're actually still in the non-physical. It is a projection, in as much as a dream is a projection, however you're still unaware, but it's still a big step in the right direction. Whatever it is, it's a great start nonetheless. Everything we experience are stepping stones to not only becoming more familiar with that state of consciousness, but it also means that if you keep at things, you'll eventually succeed!

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