My *FAVOURITE* Video Ever

First off… this is my Anniversary post! It’s been one full year since I created this website! WOOT!

Now onto the post! This video has absolutely NOTHING to do with Astral Projection, but I felt the need to share it anyway as it has to do with spiritual growth. This is my most favourite video on youtube of Tom’s. It’s a short 2 minute video clip of Tom Campbell doing an interview before one of his workshops back in May 2010.

If you sit down and actually take in what Tom is saying here, don’t let it just bounce off you with a “well ain’t that nice” attitude… but if you actually TAKE IT WITHIN YOURSELF and make it part of you then, this video contains the most LIFE CHANGING message that you’ll ever hear. This single 2 minute video has made me look at my life in such a profoundly different way, and I’m so very thankful and much better for watching it. I have to remember if I ever meet Tom in person, to say “Thank you Tom”. 🙂

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