Astral Pulse Island

I wanted to bring back to light a project we had going on over at the Astral Pulse called “Astral Pulse Island“. It was initiated, I believe, by the site owner along with the help of the other moderators at the time (5 – 8 years ago).

Basically, the goal was to create a stable “place” in the Astral (my guess is it would be in Focus 27, if you’re a Monroe model fan) that people could use as a meeting place. The island, with it’s golden sand and giant pyramid in the middle is a very easy place to recognize should you manage to make it there.

I use the image on the linked page as my background for my computer so I’m always staring at it and visualizing it. The more people who do this, the more stable the area will be. I believe it’s already a permanent fixture at this point though, unless it’s been “uncreated” on purpose.

Anyway, give the link a click and read up. It’s a great project. We have a forum section devoted just to it, and I’d like to bring this project back to life!

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