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I’ve been doing a bit of research lately on Focus 10 and Focus 12, and I came across yet another gem-of-a-post from our good buddy Frank. The poster is called “Difference between Focus 10 and Focus 12”:

Is there any difference between Focus 10 and Focus 12 ?
I would like to get the answer especially from tose who were/are successuful with the tapes from Monroe Institute.
Any different body sensations ?
Different visuals ?
Different type/quality of OOB ?

Thanks in advance

Franks reply:

Yes, a distinct difference.

Focus 10 is where you have retreated from the physical about 85 to 90%. You still have an awareness that somewhere “back there” is a physical body. You are aware that you have one, but aren’t really interested in it, and receiving next to no input from its physical senses. Your mind is awake and alert, but your focal point of consciousness is contained in what feels like a black 2-dimensional compartment somewhere about the centre of your head.

The primary difference between Focus 10 and Focus 12 is the 2D blackness becomes 3 dimensional. In other words, you get a sensation of an opening up of space, all around you. It’s like if you suddenly found yourself in an unfamiliar room, where you were standing in the middle, and there was no light whatsoever. You wouldn’t have any spatial awareness at all. All you’d see would be a 2-dimensional blackness before your eyes.

Now, say, someone very slowly began to turn on a light. There would come a point where you’d begin to see abstract shadows. Then, as the light got steadily brighter, the shadows would become more distinct and you’d begin to recognise basic shapes. This is what Focus 12 is like.

People perceive the state slightly differently, but the primary difference is the fact that the 2 dimensional blackness becomes 3 dimensional. Which gives you a distinct feeling of spatial awareness. You can’t really see much at this stage, just indistinct shadows, or maybe whirls of foggy sort-of darkness. But, as I say, you cannot miss the *distinct* feeling of spatial awareness that comes about.

From Focus 12, it’s like the light progressively gets brighter. Taking the room analogy a step further, as the light got slowly brighter, there would come a point where you’d recognise some object, previously perceived as an indistict shadow, as a chair (say). But you wouldn’t know the colour of the fabric or the pattern (if any). As the light got brighter still, you’d start making out that there might be a pattern on the fabric, but you still wouldn’t be able to see the colour. As the brightness increased, there would come a point where everything would come into view. This is Focus 21


I like his description of how the Focus 12 state slowly comes out of the Focus 10 state. “The light progressively gets brighter”… that’s really a great way to describe it… and then his description of the progression into Focus 21 using the chair is really good too.

All of these posts by Frank that I keep relaying here are part and parcel of the progress I’ve made over the past year. I wouldn’t know what I do now if it wasn’t for reading and understanding this stuff. 🙂

Oh! I want to add this post in a different thread from Clandestino, one of the other moderators on the Astral Pulse.

Hi there Nick,

this reminds me of another post a few weeks ago, I think Frank was talking about a guide giving him info on how important the focus 12 state is in the whole scheme of things.

It is the transition from focus 10 to 12 that is often hard to acheive. Once you are there though, the whole thing should unravel towards focus 22 and “out of body” experiences.

One common technique is focussing on something in your field of view…e.g. a dot of light, or a slightly different coloured area in the blackness around you. If you are in focus 12, you may find that the dot of light you were focussing on takes shape, and grows into an astral scene.

However, if you are in focus 10 and you focus on something behind your eyelids….not a lot is likely to happen !

“how do you get to focus 12?” i hear you ask ? I don’t know yet, it just happens sometimes. I would compare my experiences to a blind man walking down the street and then finding the edge of the pavement (or sidewalk if you’re that way inclined). All of a sudden, there it is !
After a while of walking down the same street, the blind man will find it easier to reach the kerb. Ask him how he did it though, and he might find it tricky to explain.

I’m sure there are a few folks out there who have more positive suggestions..?

ps – don’t infer from the above that i’m a regular at this sort of thing; i’ve managed it a few times only so far.

That’s very much exactly what goes on. Just find some point of “interest” in your current field of view… and focus on it. If you see that which you’re focusing on start to take shape… it doesn’t have to be any particular object, just a formless blob… then you’re most definitely in Focus 12. From there, it’s a simple matter of just doing what you’re currently doing… and ALLOW yourself to be taken into the 3D blackness of Focus 21.

The part where he talks about HOW you get to Focus 12… the point here is that it does “JUST HAPPEN”.   Just as you allow yourself to get swept into Focus 21… you must also allow yourself to be taken into Focus 12.

I’ve changed up my routine slightly lately, as I now use the Noticing exercise more than anything else these days.  I’ll sit there staring at a single point on the back of my eyelids.  As I begin to slowly feel my body relax I’ll start to move my physical eyes upwards REALLY slowly… moving them upwards as much as is comfortable as I don’t want to strain my eyes because that would become counter productive.  At the point when my eyes are pointing upwards as much as I can, I should be pretty relaxed… you can use a progressive relaxation technique here if you wish and as you go through each muscle, move your sight upwards slightly.

For knowing how MUCH to move your eyes… stare straight ahead while you’re awake, then move your gaze upwards as far as is comfortable.  With your eyes open this is easy, with your eyes closed, you’ll need to fixate on a portion of the blackness in front of you for your eyes to lock there.  So, now that you know your range of eye movement, just split it up into nice sections and move your eyes accordingly for each progressive muscle relaxed.

So now you’re relaxed and your eyes are comfortably looking upwards… just watch the scene infront of you and see what happens.  Wait for something to happen.   That’s all I do.  🙂

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